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Through our virtual classes and educational content, The Music Class is now able to offer a safe, INTERACTIVE and fun at-home learning option.

The Music Class At Home


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TMC At Home Offerings

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The Music Class At Home interactive classes offer families an authentic Music Class experience with weekly 30-minute classes lead by a TMC instructor and small group of other Music Class families. With our online classes, families will be able to communicate with their instructor and the others members of their class for a truly interactive and engaging at-home option! Classes meet at the same time each week to foster the same strong sense of community that you get from an in-person class.

Supplement your TMC At Home learning with our Pay What You Can Events! These events are offered occasionally and are open to any family who wants to join. As you might have guessed from the name, these events are "pay what you can" - meaning that families can contribute any amount of money to attend. Contributions help TMC continue to offer an abundance of at-home content!

In addition to our paid classes and events, TMC is excited to offer free educational content to our families! Explore the music, videos and more that we have available to enjoy right now! 

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