TMC At Home Fall 2020

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Through our virtual classes, events and educational content, The Music Class is now able to offer a safe, INTERACTIVE and fun at-home learning option. 

The Music Class At Home interactive classes offer an authentic Music Class experience with weekly 30-minute virtual classes. Through our online platform, families will be able to sing, dance, and communicate with their TMC teacher and classmates for a truly interactive and engaging at-home option! Your small group of Music Class families will meet at the same time each week to foster the strong sense of community that you usually get in-person. All music is provided on The Music Class app.

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Fall Session Information

This fall, The Music Class will be implementing some changes regarding many aspects of our At Home sessions. Please click here for the Fall session calendar, tuition information, registration schedule, materials information, segment/sibling policies, and so much more. 

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Our focus is on making At Home classes the best possible experience for our families. Click on the sections below to learn more about strategies we are implementing for teachers and parents to make The Music Class the leader in At Home classes for young children.

Creating Transitions At Home

Many children have a hard time transitioning from one activity to the next. In the old days, transitioning to Music Class involved a car ride or a walk to get to class. This time helped to get your child prepared and excited about class. With At Home classes starting with a click of a mouse, we shouldn’t be surprised if a child who was happily engaged in one activity gets frustrated when suddenly told it’s time to stop what they’re doing and attend Music Class. There was no transition time!

To solve this, we strongly suggest parents build in a transition routine before class starts. Take 10 minutes before class to ask your child to help you gather up instruments and a to pick out a favorite stuffed animal or two for class. Sing a song together from the collection as a warm-up and sign in a few minutes early to class so that you can chat with your teacher and classmates before class starts. Creating a simple routine like this can be huge help for kids who need transition time!

Monitoring Your Engagement Level

Imagine an in-person music class where adults are not near their children and there are a bunch of toys nearby. Even if the teacher was super engaging, many kids would quickly lose focus on the music and instead start playing with the toys or each other.  

Now think about your home situation. It’s super tempting to take some personal time while your toddler is watching the screen, but keep in mind that we can’t expect your child to be engaged in class without you. Just like an in-person class, the more enthusiastically you sing and are engaged with the music, the more likely it is that your child will be as well. 

No judgment here. More than ever, parents need personal time. We just need to be honest with ourselves. If your child doesn’t engage with the music as you would like, ask yourself how engaged you are during Music Class. Are you singing and doing the activities along with the teacher?

In-person, there’s an energy that develops when we’re all doing the music together and as parents we’re helped and encouraged by the other adults in the room. When the adults sing and dance, the kids follow us. Participation is contagious! At home, it’s up to each of us bring that energy to class time. When parents are enthusiastically doing the songs and activities with their teacher, the children naturally join in.

Facilitating Social Connections

Part of the Music Class experience is adults and kids enjoying the company of others in class. There’s no question that it is harder for us to connect with each other socially through the screen. After some brain-storming sessions, the teachers and I are developing new strategies to address this challenge. With a combination of efforts, from inviting families to sign in earlier to chat to facilitating after class meetups, we’re committed to creating social connections virtually. We look forward to sharing our latest techniques with you!

Immersing Your Child in Music

At The Music Class, our education model has always focused on a mix of classroom learning and home learning in order to create musical immersion. Classes are fun for everyone and provide an opportunity for teachers to model the musical activities families should do throughout the week. The recordings make engaging with the songs and activities easy for families to do at home or wherever they are. By working together with parents, we are immersing the children in the sounds and movements that develop into their musical vocabulary.

Families that listen to the music together three or more times per week are usually easy to spot. Their kids are the ones having a great time in class doing the songs and activities. They are focused and excited to be doing the music they love. Children who are not visibly engaged in class are either shy (no worries there!) or have not had enough repetition to be able to understand and enjoy the music. Children that haven’t been immersed in the music can’t be expected to focus in class, be it in-person or At Home on Zoom.  

Our kids blossom musically when musical immersion takes place. If your child isn’t as focused as you would like during a Zoom class, try singing the songs together every day for the next week. See if that makes a difference. Remember it doesn’t matter if your child focuses on the screen during class time. As long as you are both singing and doing the activities together, you can expect to see a growing love and engagement with music!