Song of the Week: Going to the Supermarket

Song of the Week

SOTW – Going to the Supermarket!
(The Song of the Week blogs are getting cool – now we have an acronym)

One of our main goals at The Music Class is to inspire families to make music a part of daily life at home. This is for two main reasons:

Singing about something boring, tedious or mundane makes it much more enjoyable.

Do you ever catch yourself whistling or humming when you’re cleaning out the dishes in the sink? Have you ever started doing dishes in COMPLETE silence, stopped, dried your hands, grabbed your phone, put on your current favorite music/podcast/audiobook, and then dug back into the dishes much happier? It is SO MUCH BETTER doing a brainless task if you occupy your brain with something that makes you happy.

  • This obviously works the same for kids. Hate cleaning your room? Love giant purple imaginary friend dinosaurs? The Barney song “Clean up! Clean up! Everybody, everywhere!” was born and subsequently bounced around our brains for the past thirty years to fill that niche. (It was first released in 1990 exactly 30 years ago!)
  • SO... Wherever grocery shopping puts your family on the scale from 1 to struggle city, singing about the activity will make it much more enjoyable. Sing “Going to the Supermarket” in the car on the way to the store, and then belt it down the aisles! OR if you partake in the modern magic of online grocery deliveries, it would be seriously adorable and fun to sing together from your couch as you put things in your virtual cart. (And if you’re shy about singing in public, def more comfortable too.)

Here is a video of a Music Class dad practicing rhythm patterns with his daughter WHILE BAKING BREAD. Talk about an amazing example of turning everyday activities into something musically educational and making it really fun!! (My everyday activities definitely don’t include baking bread from scratch…. But if yours do, TRY THIS AT HOME!)

I feel like I’ve already said this a million times, but kids learn music just like they learn language. (Seriously it’s in basically every SOTW blog so far.) 

So how is this applicable to every-day life singing and “Going to the Supermarket?”

  • Repetition! You have to say “mommy” to your baby a million times before they are ever going to say it back to you. Singing about daily activities is an excellent way to get in that repetition and expose your child to music a million times per day.
  • Singing about everyday activities also adds meaningful context to the music! It literally means more if you hold up an apple and say “Apple!” than if you hold up an apple and start discussing the financial intricacies of your job market. Singing about whatever activity you are currently doing is much more relevant and meaningful than singing about something completely random. “Going to the Supermarket” is your pre-made, ready to go, perfectly relevant song to whip out whenever food or shopping is at hand.

“Going to the Supermarket” is Swing style Jazz, based on a C Blues scale. Unless you personally love jazz and listen to it all the time at home, this is probably a style of music that your child doesn’t regularly hear. Because “Going to the Supermarket” is a really fun song and relevant to use in every-day life, it is the perfect way to introduce a little Jazz into your child’s every-day life as well. 

To end this post, I want to share a truly magical moment of two perfectly random strangers singing in the supermarket. The man heard the woman humming to herself as she walked down the aisle and asked if she knew the Luther Vandross song, “If This World Were Mine.” It’s phenomenal. Mic dropped. The end. 

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