Song of the Week: Here Rover Here

Song of the Week

Here Rover Here (a poem)

“Here Rover Here” is the song of this week,
It details a doggy’s adventurous streak.
Of car rides and big snacks and napping on hay,
It doesn’t sound like such a terrible day.

Indeed I have never felt like a dog more,
Than lying in patches of sun on the floor.
Delighting in small things like coloring books,
We made some for you! Go take some good looks!

Click here to download TMC coloring pages! Print and Enjoy!

This song is written Appalachian style,
With banjos a-strumming to paint the dog’s guile.
A fiddle is usually added right in,
Did you know a fiddle’s same as violin?

So as you’re At Home cuddling with your pet,
Try singing ‘bout Rover if you haven’t yet,
We made you a clip so it’s easy to do,
Of course you can stream the song on your app too,
Go dance with your kids and your fish and your dog,
I hope you enjoyed this ridiculous blog. :)

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