Song of the Week: La Raspa

Song of the Week

SOTW – La Raspa / Mexican Hat Dance

Mexican folk dance is an amazing genre. The outfits. The violins. The quick rhythmic steps. The twirling. The outfits. The trumpets. The outfits. (OK, but really those dresses are AMAZING.) Today we are celebrating Mexican folk music and dance with our Song Of The Week, “La Raspa!”

Song of the Week: La Raspa (Mexican Hat Dance)

It’s important to expose our kids to many different styles of music from around the world to encourage appreciation for all of these different musical sounds and cultures. Often we find it hard to enjoy music that sounds foreign to us… because we don’t get it. It’s literally like trying to interpret a speech in another language. But when you’re exposed to these sounds when you’re little - and sing and dance and enjoy the heck out of them - then they don’t sound so foreign anymore.

“La Raspa” is an excellent example of this because it IS so universally loved in American communities… probably because it IS so commonly played and enjoyed! Chances are that if you know one traditional Mexican tune, this is it. And that’s why you love it; because you’ve heard it forever and know there’s a fun dance to it! Let’s keep that going!

El Jarabe Tapatío AKA The Mexican Hat Dance

In addition to the AMAZING dancing in the above clip, did you hear how the music had so many distinct melodic parts? Did you recognize the first part!? That’s right, TMC’s “La Raspa / Mexican Hat Dance” follows in the great folk music tradition of combining multiple folk melodies into one tune. “El Jarabe Tapatío” also known as “The Mexican Hat Dance” is part of our song on The Dolphin Collection! I highly recommend watching this video before dancing to our TMC version with your kids for the best inspiration. 

La Raspa

“La Raspa” is the kicking part of our TMC melody! LOOK AT HOW FREAKING CUTE THESE BABIES ARE! Ok, ok I’m calming down. Now that you all have watched these videos, you’re ready to do some dancing yourselves! Find your twirliest dress and clickiest shoes, and maybe a hat! (You’ll see in our TMC video we all wore hats to celebrate the Mexican “hat” dance.) Enjoy celebrating this amazing music, dance and culture!

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