Online Makeup Class Schedule

Omicron Update for Winter

Click here to view our plan for the remainder of the winter session in response to the Omicron surge.

1. We will delay coming back to in-person classes until Monday, January 10th, which should help mitigate any COVID infections related to holiday travel. We will be extending the winter session through February 8-14th. The dates for your individual class will be updated on your parent dashboard and within your Music Class app. 
2. We will severely limit make-ups for all in-person classes, both to limit class size and to help maintain pre-existing family groups. Because of this, we urge you to schedule absences for any class that you will miss.
3. For the remainder of the winter session, we will be offering a new schedule of online make-up classes that you can attend if you feel uncomfortable coming to your in-person class. Each family has received 10 make-ups that you can use to schedule up to two online classes each week. These classes will be hosted by Raina, Jen, David, and Rob. They will also include some of our other Atlanta teachers joining whenever possible so that families can still see their personal teachers! 
Virtual make-up classes can be scheduled like a regular make-up class on The Music Class website or over the phone. Please do not use the app to schedule make-ups as we are having some difficulty with the app at this time. To schedule a make-up on our website, on your dashboard select "Schedule a Makeup". Follow the prompts on the following screens and be sure to select "At Home" for the location to view the online make-up classes. 
Please see the schedule of online makeups classes below.
4. We are committed to continue to pay our teachers for their scheduled winter session classes, which is why we will need to maintain our refund policy for the remainder of the session. 

Online Makeup Class Schedule

Thank you for checking to see the schedule of online makeup classes for the remainder of our winter session. Each class will be hosted by the teacher indicated who will lead most of the class. Any additional teachers who will attend and lead songs are listed as well.


February 7 - 12

Monday 10:00 am hosted by Ms. Raina. 

Wednesday 10:00 am hosted by Mr. David. Joining David will be Ms. Berné and Ms.Talia

Thursday 10:00 am hosted by Ms. Raina. Joining Raina will be Ms. Janelle

Thursday 4:30 pm hosted by Mr. Rob. Joining Rob will be Ms. Heather

Saturday 10:00 am hosted by Ms. Jen. Joining Jen will be Ms. Laila.


February 14

Monday 10:00 am hosted by Ms. Raina. Joining Raina will be Ms. Mary