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The Music Playhouse is now pro-rating new registrations for Spring 2020 At Home, featuring The Elephant Collection. Classes are not sequential, so you can join at any time!  We are also registering for Summer 2020 At Home, featuring The Dolphin Collection.  Please click on the session tab below.

Not sure if it is a fit?  Please contact the office to schedule a free trial class!

*If you are unable to pay full tuition due to financial hardship, please call the office or contact email Debbie Aikman directly at

  • Spring 2020
  • Summer 2020

Classes Available for Spring 2020 - Open

Our Spring AT HOME Session features The Elephant Collection and runs thru Friday, June 19th*

*Please Note:  There will be no classes on Monday, May 25th due to Memorial Day and the session extended to Monday, June 22nd as a make up date.

Music and Tuition Cost: 

The music royalty fee is $20 for online access to the Elephant Collection through The Music Class App (please note, access is for music only not the songbook).  *We are happy to ship the CD and Songbook to you for $15, if interested, please contact the office.  If you have taken the Elephant Collection in class previously, you will receive a materials discount of $20.

The tuition fee is $10/week.  More than one child?  Please contact the office to discuss our sibling inclusion policy

Prefer to take a shortened session/fewer weeks?  Please contact the office for availability.

Please register below or contact the office at or 317-573-0080

Classes Available for Summer 2020 - Open

Our 8 week summer session, featuring The Dolphin Collection, begins Monday, July 6th and runs for 8 weeks, ending Saturday, August 29th.  Four makeups are allowed during the eight week session to provide maximum flexibility for summer plans.

The total cost for the 8 week summer session is $100 and includes online access to The Dolphin Collection

Tuition:  Weekly tuition is $10/class ($80 for the 8 week session)  ALL family members are encouraged to participate. Please Note:  The system will automatically prorate the tuition once the session begins

Materials:  Online access to The Dolphin Collection is $20 regardless which week you join. We are more than happy to mail you the CD/Songbook for an additional $15.  Please contact the office if you are interested.  If you have taken The Dolphin Collection previously, then $20 will be deducted from your total at checkout.

We truly appreciate your support during these unprecedented times.

We hope to also offer In Person studio classes again soon.  We will update our website as soon as we have more information.  If you would like to join our In Person classes, please email the office and let us know your preference/availability of location, day and time.