Educational Collaborators

Our educational collaborators range from individuals offering 1 or 2 classes in their spare time to large education companies looking to improve their music offerings.


Lizzie Oretsky, Houston TX, USA. 
3 locations, 9 teachers, 530 students.

"When I first started teaching The Music Class curriculum under the name Fundamentally Music 15 years ago, I thought it would be a fun little activity to keep me busy during the hours my twins were in pre-school. But once I got to see close up how much this music and these classes meant to the families who came to class....I was hooked! I was unprepared for joy and fun I get to experience with my students and families each day. I LOVE training new is so much fun to help them grow into the program and watch them develop that special relationship with the families in their classes as well. When I first started I thought I would be making a little extra money teaching a few music classes...little did I know that with the help and support of The Music Class I would find a rewarding career and grow a business that could support my family."

Lizzie Oretsky


Daniela Banco Toma, Bucharest, Romania.
8 locations, 10 teachers, 190 students

"I teach The Music Class at Learn With Music in Romania, where we currently offer classes in 8 cities. I am very blessed to work with children and I appreciate my job every day! The little ones always make me happy with their smiles and hugs."

Daniela Banco Toma

Daniela Classroom

Suzanne Smith, in Yellowknife, NT, Canada. 1 location, 1 teacher, 34 students.

Music Pups has brought people together in the community here. One father told me he starting singing songs from the current collection at his work cubicle after hearing another father humming the songs!"

Suzanne Smith


Colleen Lindenbach, Calgary AB Canada. 2 locations, 4 teachers, 130 students.

"Teaching Music Pups® was one of the best decisions I made when I left the public school system and opened my own studio 7 years ago. The pedagogy is sound, the music awesome, and the staff of TMC are supportive and great to work with. To top it off, the program is great fun for families and for teachers!"

Colleen Lindenbach



Aditi Shah, Mumbai, India. 
19 locations, 19 teachers, 650 Students

"The MOST FUN way to establish an everlasting bond between parent and child."

Aditi Shah


Rachel Hoffman, Nashville, USA

3 locations, 5 teachers, 100 Students


"When I began classes in 2004, I thought I was going to give the next generation a sound start in music by helping kids keep a steady beat and sing in tune. While this is true, I have witnessed much, much more. Using TMC’s research-based, award-winning curriculum, I have watched families bond, heard previously non-verbal children begin to speak in full sentences, and have even seen a partially paralyzed child begin taking steps in class! The songs and activities are irresistibly fun and brain-stimulating. Being a long-time performer and songwriter, I thought my time in early childhood music would be short-lived. Seeing these life-changing results changed my mind. It is an honor to use my musical training to help families in so many beautiful ways."

Rachel Hoffman

  • RYB
  • RYB, China.  700 locations, 1000 teachers, 20,000 students and growing fast!


    Collaboration with RYB in China started in 2015, and we have rapidly grown to 20,000 students. Rob and Raina travel to China multiple times a year to work with the RYB team and lead teacher trainings.