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In addition to our Interactive Classes and Pay What You Can Events, TMC is excited to offer free educational content to our families! Explore the music, videos and more that we have available to enjoy right now!

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 I Can March
I Can March
Riding in my Car Now
Riding In My Car Now
Shake-Shake Band
Shake-Shake Band

Our signature collections, On The Road with The Music Class and The Lullaby Collection, are now available for download or streaming by many of your favorite music providers like Apple Music, Amazon and Spotify. Take a listen!

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Color Our Coloring Sheets!

When we're drawing together

Looking for another fun activity to do at home? Click the link below to download and print out The Music Class Coloring Pages!

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Read our blog

With The Music Class, the learning doesn't stop just because class is over. Each week we share fun and educational content on our "Music Notes" blog to enhance your TMC experience.

Tune in each week for a featured song from The Elephant Collection, learn about practical ways to incorporate music into your daily lives and stay up to date on interesting Music Class news and stories.

Check Out the Latest Posts!

  • Song of the Week: Fireflies
  • This week our Song of the Week is getting personal. Ms. Emily stepped in to guest write our “Fireflies” blog post in order to share firsthand how she and her fiance (and fellow TMC teacher) Zac wrote it the song! She also shares what initially inspired her to write the tune and gives us a video sneak peek inside the recording studio with the child vocalist on “Fireflies”, Elisabeth Wallace! Head over to our blog and read it today!


    Toddler Yoga


  • Song of the Week: Patterns
  • The Song of this Week isn’t really a song. You can call them “Bum bums.” You can call them “Patterns.” You can call them, “those things that my child won’t stop singing at home but they never want to do in class for their teacher!” This week's blog has you covered both with cute videos and answers to all of the things about this iconic Music Class activity: WHY patterns are an educational powerhouse, HOW to practice with your kid, and WHAT every set of patterns on your Elephant Collection mean!

    Song of the Week: Patterns


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