Interactive Classes

Interactive Classes

Taking Music Learning Beyond The Classroom!

The Music Class At Home interactive classes offer an authentic Music Class experience with weekly 30-minute virtual classes. Through our online platform, families will be able to sing, dance, and communicate with their TMC teacher and classmates for a truly interactive and engaging At Home option! Your small group of Music Class families will meet at the same time each week to foster the strong sense of community that you usually get in-person. Click below to view list of locations offering At Home classes.

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    Here's everything you need to know!

    What about my concern of too much screen time?

    We are very concerned about this as well! Making sure that we do not provide passive screen time for children was one of our motivating factors in figuring out how to do interactive virtual classes. The World Health Organization and American Academy of Pediatrics make a clear distinction between passive screen time and active screen time. (Click here to check it out.) For example, video chatting with grandparents does not fall under the category of passive screen time; instead it is considered quality time interacting with others. The Music Class’ virtual classes are an interactive time for you and your child, together with your regular teacher and classmates. Your teacher will still lead stand up songs, ask for substitutions ideas, and do individual tonal and rhythm patterns. Just like a regular class we expect grownups at home to fully participate! The Music Class’ virtual classes do not fall under the category of passive screen time. We definitely understand this is new for everyone and encourage you to try out our Free Events to see how it works!

      What kinds of activities will we do?

      You can expect to enjoy the same fun and engaging activities that we do in our in-person classes! We still do ball songs and stick songs (wooden spoons make great sticks) and lots of stand up songs to get the cardio in, too. The kids love getting the spotlight on screen to give suggestions for substitution songs, and to sing their “bum bums” for everyone! Using instruments, simple household items and innovative lesson plans, we'll be able to sing, shake, dance and play all from the comfort of our homes.

      What do I need to participate?

      For our interactive classes you will need:

      • An internet connection and your computer, phone, or tablet
      • We will host our interactive classes through the free web conferencing software, Zoom. Your teacher will provide you with a meeting link for each class that you can open either in the Zoom app or on Zoom's website. We recommend that you use the app instead of a web browser. Download the Zoom app here. 
      • A safe space to conduct class; it's best to enjoy our class in an area of your home that has enough space for you to stand up and dance and that is relatively free of distractions.
      • It will be handy to have some instruments and stuffed animals around to use for our songs! Even if you don't think you have music instruments at home - you do! Grab some wooden spoons (or even pencils) and you've got sticks! Put some rice in an old easter egg or a small Tupperware container, and you've got a shaker! A wooden spoon and a plastic bowl can be a drum!

      My infant is too young to focus on a virtual class, how is this educational?

      Our goal is to facilitate the same learning experience for infants as we do in live classes, by leading parents on how and why to do the activities with their children. Virtual classes can work really well for infants with a little grown-up enthusiasm! Just like in live classes, the educational value (and fun!) for babies comes from their interaction with their caregiver. For example, your teacher will lead you to bounce your child to the beat because young children learn rhythm by being bounced. In addition, using your own instruments at home is definitely a safety advantage, so parents won’t have to worry about any germ sharing when their child tastes an instrument. 

      What if my child is too active to focus on a virtual class?

      We understand your concern. Virtual classes will be 30 minutes instead of 45, because 30 minutes is a more reasonable time frame to expect children to stay engaged using this platform. The lesson plans will include a variety of activities and instruments, including moments where children can be highlighted so their classmates can view them on the “big screen!” There will be music and dancing and crawling and jumping to try and encourage active kids to be active with the music! We recommend viewing the class in an area without too many other toys or distractions, and of course most importantly for parents to be doing the activities enthusiastically with their kids!

      I need help using Zoom!

      We are here to help! Click the link below for our guide on using the Zoom video conferencing platform!

      How is TMC addressing the security concerns associated with Zoom?

      • The screen sharing option is turned off for all TMC Events and Classes, which eliminates the potential for Zoombombing. 
      • Families are cautioned not to use the chat feature other than to read chats that come directly from The Music Class.  
      • The Music Class rarely records Zoom meetings, and when we do we require prior approval of all participants.
      • When downloading Zoom, be sure to only trust downloads provided by Zoom directly.  (This link takes you to Zoom's website)
      • Beginning May 30th, Zoom will be enabling GCM encryption across the entire Zoom platform, providing increased protection for meeting data. 

      Can I Invite Grandma/Grandpa?

      Staying away from grandparents and adult family members keeps them safe, but it isn't very fun. Feel free to share the link for your child's Music Class At Home with them! We just ask that you make this available to adult family members only, and you ask them to join without video so they won't be distracting to your classmates. It's an easy way for family in different places to feel connected!

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