Pay What You Can Events

Supplement your TMC At Home learning with our

Pay What You Can Events!

These events are offered occasionally and are open to any family who wants to join. As you might have guessed from the name, these events are "pay what you can" - meaning that families can contribute any amount of money to attend. Contributions help TMC continue to offer an abundance of at-home content!

These events are a great opportunity for families who are new to our online programs to try it out for themselves! They also provide families who are already enrolled with additional fun, educational opportunities.

Zoom security precautions:

  • The screen sharing option is turned off for all TMC Events and Classes, which eliminates the potential for Zoombombing. 
  • Families are cautioned not to use the chat feature other than to read chats that come directly from The Music Class.  
  • The Music Class rarely records Zoom meetings, and when we do we require prior approval of all participants.
  • When downloading Zoom, be sure to only trust downloads provided by Zoom directly.  (This link takes you to Zoom's website)

These events will include fun instrument demos, special song highlights, singing, dancing, and so much more!

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    Next Event!

    Monday, April 6 at 4:00 PM Eastern Time

    Special guest TMC teacher and registered yoga instructor, Emily Prentice will give you a sneak preview our new At Home Family Yoga classes! 

    Feel free to join 5 or 10 minutes early, and don’t forget to grab a few instruments to play with!

    Join Zoom Meeting Password if needed: 040686

    For help using the Zoom video conferencing platform, click here!


    Future Events! Check back often!

    Stay tuned for our next event!

    Thursday, April 9 at 10 AM EDT

    Join Susan Taylor as she shows off that most beautiful of instruments, the harp! 

    We hope you'll join us for our next Pay What You Can Event!


    Past Events

    Click to view past events and guests

    March 16 with Raina Sayer

    March 19 with Irish fiddler Moira Nelligan

    March 23 with jazz banjo player Cynthia Sayer

    March 26 with percussionist John Gronert

    March 30 with trumpet player Matt Brown

    April 2 with saxophone player Vinnie Dagostino