Teacher Training

The Music Class Start Up Kit

The fist step towards offering our Music Pups® or Music Cats® parent/child programs is to purchase "The Music Class Start Up Kit". (Teaching centers that employ more than one teacher at their studio(s) need only purchase one start up kit.) The Start Up Kit includes:

  • Approximately 22 hours of online training covering TMC educational concepts and teaching techniques.
  • The option to attend a live version of the online training in Atlanta at no additional fee to TMC. You will be responsible for travel and accommodations.Trainings to be scheduled based on demand and availability.

After purchasing "The Music Class Start Up Kit" all active teachers also receive:

  • A complimentary set of materials (CD/songbook) for each session they teach. Teachers receive one free set of materials with the Start Up Kit and a free set of the upcoming collection materials each session when you order your student materials. Minimum student set purchase requirements apply for receipt of complimentary student set each session you teach.
  • Online access to our session-specific training for your first session teaching classes (TMC Song Videos). Future sessions are available for the cost of an annual subscription of $50/year for one teacher.
  • Teaching suggestions and lesson plans for each song collection via our web library.
  • Complimentary phone and email support regarding teaching questions.
  • A 20% discount on classroom instruments sold by The Music Class.
  • Listing with contact information on the The Music Class web page.