How To Use Zoom for At Home Classes


The Music Class At Home utilizes the Zoom video conferencing platform to conduct our Interactive Classes and Free Events. New to Zoom? Don't worry! We're here to help guide you through this easy-to-use software!

First things first, check out our How To Video!

TMC At Home Zoom Basics

Download The Zoom Application

  • For each class and Free Event, you will be provided with a meeting link that you can open either in the Zoom app or on Zoom's website. We recommend you use the Zoom application on your computer instead of a web browser because there are more features available on the app. Download the Zoom app here. 

How to Display Your Child's Name

  • If you are logging into Zoom for the first name, please put YOUR CHILD'S name as the display name when prompted. If you've logged into Zoom before, it is very simple to change your display name. Click on "view participants" at the bottom of screen, then you'll see all the participants show up in a panel to the right. Find your name, then click on the "more" button. From there, you'll see the option to rename! Type in your child's name. 
Change your zoom display name

Speaker View/Gallery View

  • In Zoom there are two ways to view the class: speaker view and gallery view. Speaker view allows you to see the teacher in a large window.
  • Gallery view allows you to see all (or at least MORE) of your classmates at once! 
  • To toggle between speaker view and gallery view, use the buttons at the top right corner of your video screen.



Speaker View

Zoom Security Precautions

  • The screen sharing option is turned off for all TMC Events and Classes, which eliminates the potential for Zoombombing. 
  • Families are cautioned not to use the chat feature other than to read chats that come directly from The Music Class.  
  • The Music Class rarely records Zoom meetings, and when we do we require prior approval of all participants.
  • When downloading Zoom, be sure to only trust downloads provided by Zoom directly. (The links on this page go directly to the Zoom site.)