Rolling the Ball to the Beat of Bach's Little Fugue

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Rolling the ball to the beat of J.S. Bach's Little Fugue in G Minor!

HAPPY 2023 EVERYBODY!!! I hope you had the most wonderful holiday break! All of your Music Class teachers are so excited to see you back in the classroom! ūü•į As the beginning of a new year is always crazy, this week's blog will be provided in five bullet points for your quick and easy consumption. Enjoy!

Bach Ball ‚Äď in Five Bullets

  • ‚ÄúBach Ball‚ÄĚ is adapted from a piece composed by‚Ķ. You guessed it‚Ķ BACH! Johann Sebastian Bach was a German composer and musician from the Baroque period. He¬†is generally regarded as one of the greatest classical music composers of all time. The song ‚ÄúBach Ball‚ÄĚ was born¬†because we make sure to include at least one great classical piece in each Music Class session. And we decided to roll balls to the Bach in Music Class.¬†
  • Why do we roll balls to the Bach? Like, what is the educational value here? One of our main objectives is to expose kids to this style of music. And not just ‚Äúexpose‚ÄĚ as in passively listening to classical music in the background, instead, we use the balls to directly interact with the music.¬†For both little people and big people, we learn the best by interacting with the thing we are trying to learn. So the balls help us pay attention to the music, and also practice developing rhythm skills! Even though the ball song may appear to be one of the least focused times in Music Class, it‚Äôs actually really¬†educationally valuable.
  • "Bach Ball"¬†is based on a piece¬†called the ‚ÄúLittle Fugue‚ÄĚ or ‚ÄúFugue in G Minor‚ÄĚ. It‚Äôs one of Bach's most recognizable compositions and has been used in a ton of movies and TV scores - including the recently released silly¬†murder mystery Glass Onion!¬†(When I was watching Glass Onion and they started playing this song as a clue, I yelled¬†"Bach Ball! Bach Ball!" and was wracking my brain for the name of the original...¬†but Yo-Yo-Ma beat me to it. Yes there was a Yo-Yo-Ma / Bach Little Fugue cameo ūüėā)
  • Little Fugue in G Minor was originally¬†written for organ, which you can hear on The¬†Music Class recording! We also added a¬†brass quintet. (2 trumpets + 1 French horn + 1 trombone + 1 tuba = 1 brass quintet)
  • ‚ÄúFugue in G Minor‚ÄĚ is in what key? G Minor of course! (Bach's pieces are all¬†very literal) We¬†changed our version of ‚ÄúBach Ball‚ÄĚ to the key of D Minor, because¬†the easiest vocal range for children to sing is between the notes D and A!¬†Many of our Music Class classical songs and traditional music of all different styles have been transposed to D to make it easier for the kids to sing along to.¬†

And that ends our Bach Ball Blog Bullets! Now we have a Couple of Cool Clips for your Consumption. Enjoy!

J.S. Bach's Little Fugue in G minor on organ:


J.S. Bach's Little Fugue in G minor by a brass quintet:

J.S. Bach's Little Fugue in G minor animated graphical score: (super fun visual representation of how hard this is to play!)


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