Our Music

Music for Children that Parents Enjoy too!

The Music Class recordings feature jazz, classical, rock, blues, opera, African American spirituals, bluegrass, and traditional songs from all over the world. We include a variety of tonalities and meters in order to provide children with a comprehensive musical foundation. Our songs are recorded by extremely talented musicians and extremely cute kids. In short, we have worked very hard to ensure that our music will be loved not only by children but by parents and teachers as well! 

At The Music Class, we believe kids’ music should be real music! Too often, music for children is extremely simplistic, does not include real instruments on the recording, and all sounds pretty similar. We do things differently.

Take a Listen!

clicky clack
Clicky Clack
Go Mommy
Go Mommy
Polly Put the Kettle On
Panda Pete
Panda Pete

Everyone gets the music to take home!

Children learn music through repetition, just like they learn language through repetition. This is why every TMC program includes a recording of the music for families to take home. Not only do we have a CD and Songbook for each collection, but all music is also available digitally on our app. With a library of 319 songs split up into 12 collections, families can take three years of consecutive classes and enjoy new music each session. 

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Practically useful music for your everyday life!

One of our main educational goals is to encourage families to integrate music into their everyday lives. Each collection includes practically useful songs for parents like lullabies, dance songs, animal songs, and songs to sing during diaper changes or mealtimes. Our preschool music curriculum includes instructions for how to use our music as transition songs and for specific activities in school like playtime, nap-time, and circle-time. On The Music Class blog, we dive deeper into the context behind featured songs, as well as fun and educational ways to use them in and outside of the classroom. 

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Stream our award-winning compilation CDs for free!

You can stream our award-winning compilation albums  “On The Road with The Music Class” and “The Lullaby Collection” on many of your favorite music providers like Apple Music, Amazon, and Spotify! “On The Road with The Music Class” is an eclectic collection of favorites that will keep your kids happy and jamming through an infinite road trip. Several of these songs feature Grammy-nominated musicians along with your favorite TMC teachers. “The Lullaby Collection” is 25 tracks of our favorite lullabies designed to help you put your child to sleep at night while creating a meaningful musical moment. 

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Hear from parents just like you who love our music!

"We play TMC CDs in the car and my daughter smiles the second she hears the first song and sings along." - R.C.

"Last week when I was on a business trip away from my three-year-old son, he asked me to sing him the lullaby 'when you wake up in the middle of the night...' over the phone. So I stood out outside of a restaurant on the streets of Tampa singing that most sweet and beautiful lullaby through the phone. Thanks for that gift of music. - S.P.

"As a grandpa, who has been to the class and shared the music at home with my grandson, I just know that it is creating a bond we’ll always cherish and it’s enriching his life in a way that will serve him forever!" - T.D.

"We love The Music Class! Our daughter has been going since she was 4 months old. She’s almost two and she loves music. She’s also developed a large vocabulary and I think it’s because of music Class. The songs on the collections are superb and get stuck in your head. You won’t regret participating in this amazing program. HIGHLY recommend!" - M.W.