Our Music

Music for Children that Parents Enjoy too!

At The Music Class, we believe kids’ music should be real music! Our recordings feature jazz, classical, rock, blues, opera, bluegrass, and other musical styles from around the world. We include a variety of tonalities and meters to provide children with a comprehensive musical foundation. Our songs are recorded by extremely talented musicians and extremely cute kids. In short, we have worked very hard to ensure that our music will be loved not only by children but by parents and teachers as well.

The best part is that every family enrolled in a TMC program gets the music to take home! Children learn through repetition, so it's vital that families can continue to listen, sing, and dance throughout the week. Take a listen to our compilations below!

Teachers interested in using our library of over 300 songs are invited to contact us!

Stream our award-winning compilations!

You can stream our award-winning compilation albums  “On The Road with The Music Class” and “The Lullaby Collection” on many of your favorite music providers like Apple Music, Amazon, and Spotify

The Music Class in Concert

Our concerts feature a mix of familiar children's songs along with original music from our award-winning recordings. Toddlers and preschoolers enjoy a fun and interactive event where they can sing and dance and have an opportunity to get up close to the musicians to touch the instruments. From a small combo up to an 18-piece big band, we love bringing live music to young children! Prior performances include Atlanta's Midtown Music Festival, Crested Butte Music Festival, Western Slope Music Festival, Beijing Concert Hall; special events in Mumbai, New York, and Colorado; elementary and preschool performances; and our annual Halloween Jam-BOO-Ree and Holiday Ball in Atlanta.

Contact Us for booking information and to inquire about upcoming performances!

Holiday Ball
The Music Class Holiday Ball featuring the Sentimental Journey Orchestra
Boy with Baritone Sax
"Meet the instruments" at The Music Class concerts
Boy and dad on stage
Come sing on stage with TMC!
Group on stage
Interactive shows are fun for everyone!
Kids singing on stage
Kids are the stars of TMC shows
group looking at trumpet
Mr. Rob demonstrating the trumpet
Beijing Concert Hall
The Music Class concert at the Beijing Concert Hall


“On The Road With The Music Class brings a wonderful mix of spirited songs that the whole family will enjoy,” says NAPPA director Elena Epstein. “An entertaining musical road- trip.”

“Best Choice In Music” - Tulsa Kids

“Best Of Philly” - Philadelphia Magazine

“Best Baby Friendly Activity” - Atlanta Lilaguide

“If I had ever needed evidence that music is one of the basic human pleasures, The Music Class provided it in spades.” - msn.com

"Early childhood music is very important, and The Music Class will help children get ready for later success." - CCTV, Changzhou, China

"The songs in The Music Class program are age appropriate and culturally relevant and that is why the program is a huge hit with children, parents, and teachers." - Dr. Swati Popat Vats, president of Early Childhood Association, India.

"Researchers have documented that exposure to music in early childhood has a positive effect on the brain and that the earlier you start, the better." - CNN interview of Rob Sayer

Winner Of The National Parenting Publications NAPPA Gold Award for The Lullaby Collection

National Parenting Center Seal Of Approval Award for Animal Tracks Toddler Collection and On The Road With The Music Class

Children's Music Web Award for The Monkey Collection

Global Music Award Winner for On The Road With The Music Class

National Parenting Product Award for On The Road With The Music Class


"We play TMC CDs in the car and my daughter smiles the second she hears the first song and sings along." - R.C.

"Last week when I was on a business trip away from my three-year-old son, he asked me to sing him the lullaby 'when you wake up in the middle of the night...' over the phone. So I stood out outside of a restaurant on the streets of Tampa singing that most sweet and beautiful lullaby through the phone. Thanks for that gift of music. - S.P.

"As a grandpa, who has been to the class and shared the music at home with my grandson, I just know that it is creating a bond we’ll always cherish and it’s enriching his life in a way that will serve him forever!" - T.D.

"We love The Music Class! Our daughter has been going since she was 4 months old. She’s almost two and she loves music. She’s also developed a large vocabulary and I think it’s because of Music Class. The songs on the collections are superb and get stuck in your head. You won’t regret participating in this amazing program. HIGHLY recommend!" - M.W.

"I cannot thank you enough for all the wonderful music. Every day my daughter just wants me to keep playing the songs endlessly." - V.G.