The Tiger Collection

The Tiger Collection
Produced by Rob Sayer for The Music Class Inc.
Composer information noted in italics under the song title.

The Tiger Collection

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1. I'm So Happy 
Rob Sayer, Michele Marcus, Raina Sayer

2. Tiger Shake
Amy Simon

3. Boo
Melody by Rob Sayer. Lyrics by Brian Sayer, age 4

4. When I’m Silly
Steffi Miller

5. Applesauce
Rob Sayer

6. Applesauce Rhythm Patterns

7. Down the Track
Rob Sayer

8. Down the Track Tonal Patterns

9. Tiny Tim
Traditional. Adapted by Rob Sayer

10. Mr. Alligator
Traditional. Adapted by Rob Sayer

11. Carmen Cat
“Habanera” from the opera “Carmen” by Georges Bizet. New lyrics by Rob Sayer and Steffi Miller.

12. Little Red Wagon
Traditional. Adapted by Rob Sayer

13. Little Red Wagon Tonal Patterns
14. Clicking Sticks
Based on the traditional melody “Mary Ann” from Trinidad. New lyrics by Rob Sayer.

15. Five Bells
Rob Sayer

16. Tchaikovsky Ball
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Symphony no. 5, 4th movement. Lyrics by Rob Sayer

17. I’m Learning to Walk
Raina Sayer, age 11

18. Dream of Me and You
Barry Stewart Mann

19. Bengal Eyes
Rob Sayer

20. If You’re Happy
Traditional. Adapted by Suzanne Aloisio

21. When the Music Starts
Amy Simon

22. Tingalayo
Traditional Calypso song from the Caribbean. Adapted by Rob Sayer and Frank Hamilton.

23. Quiet Cats
Traditional. Adapted by Rob Sayer

24. Quiet Cats Rhythm Patterns

25. Do Mi So
Rob Sayer

26. This Is What She Said
Music by Frank & Mary Hamilton. Lyrics by Rob Sayer

27. This Is What She Said Rhythm Patterns

28. Merry Go Round
Steffi Miller & Rob Sayer

29. Merry Go Round Tonal Patterns

30. Lady Bug
Rob Sayer

31. Little Baby Tigers
Rob Sayer

32. In Our Japanese Garden
Based on the Japanese folk song “Sakura” which is about cherry blossoms. New lyrics by Frank and Mary Hamilton.

33. Strutter’s Ball
Shelton Brooks (1917)

34. Brahms Lullaby
Johannes Brahms. Lyrics adapted by Rob Sayer

35. See You Next Time
Rob Sayer, Michele Marcus, Raina Sayer

Engineer: Aristides Ioannides. Illustrator: Seth Benator, Art Director: Judy McCabe Smith. All arrangements by Rob Sayer unless otherwise noted.

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