Who is The Music Class?

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The Music Class Inc. (TMC) is an early childhood music education company designed to unleash the musical potential of young children. Featuring award-winning music that is loved by both children and their caregivers, research-based curricula, and top-notch teacher training, TMC provides a high standard of excellence in the field of early childhood music education.  

The Music Class was founded by Rob Sayer in Atlanta, GA in 1998. For over 24 years, we have been teaching children and teachers all over the world, resulting in over 1,000 locations worldwide offering a TMC program. We are a family-owned and operated business full of teachers who care very deeply about our students! Mr. Rob still teaches his own classes every week in addition to running the company, and his daughter Raina Sayer is now the director of TMC China. When you join The Music Class as a parent, preschool teacher, or center director, you become part of The Music Class family. 

Research Based Children's Music Program

Research-Based Music and Movement Programs

All TMC programs are research-based and designed to teach children in the ways they learn best. Classes are full of creative movement activities, music is provided to families to facilitate meaningful repetition outside of the classroom, and children are exposed to a huge variety of musical styles through our song collections. Research shows that early childhood music education has the biggest impact on a person’s musical abilities for the rest of their lives. So the best time to start Music Class is now! Our 3 core educational philosophies are reflected in everything we do here at TMC. 

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Award-Winning Children's Music that Parents Enjoy too!

What’s the most important aspect of early childhood music education? The music! Our collections feature recordings by Grammy-nominated musicians and musical styles like rock, jazz, opera, and traditional songs from all over the world. Songs in different meters, scales, rhythms, and styles featuring real instruments and vocalists provide recordings that are not only extremely educationally valuable, but also a joy for both adults and children to listen to! 

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Core Values of Quality and Inclusivity

At The Music Class, we believe in the highest quality education and support for our children, teachers, and business partners. We believe that music is a creative and expressive art, and that the path to becoming a musical person should be joyful. We embrace  families from all cultures and backgrounds and stand against racism in both our classrooms and our music. 

Dedicated Kids Music Teachers

Staff that Believe in our Program

As a family business, we are personally invested in making our company the best it can be for you. We have a small, dedicated office staff, all of whom either teach TMC themselves or attended classes with their own children! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers! What makes The Music Class different from other early childhood education programs? What program is right for my baby? Hoping to bring music to your preschool classroom? What age group is appropriate for each class? Find all the answers here!