Our Values

Our Values

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Business as a Family

The Music Class is both a family business and a business that operates like a family. (Check out our blog “Meet Mr. Rob” to learn all about how TMC began!) We pride ourselves on close personal connections and extensive support for all of our teachers, centers, and business partners around the world. We believe that the highest quality support for educators produces the highest quality music education for our kids. 

Collaborative Growth

We are constantly learning and adapting based on the needs of our centers and of the time. For example, we have learned so much about Zoom during the pandemic this year and are excited to keep virtual class options available moving forward! We also plan on introducing more virtual options for teacher trainings in the U.S. and abroad. The Music Class values the input of our families and business partners and believes a collaborative business model benefits everybody. 

Equal Opportunity Employer

The Music Class is an equal opportunity business and does not discriminate based on race, national origin, gender, gender expression, religion, sexual orientation, or physical abilities. We strive to offer multicultural and gender-inclusive education. We celebrate the diversity of our staff and our students.

Commitment to Inclusion in our Curriculum

In 2020, we announced our commitment to embrace and celebrate inclusion in our classrooms and our music. We said that we stand with our families of color, musicians, friends, and all communities, and we were determined to put action behind that statement. Although we have always strived for inclusivity and diversity in our music collections with the goal of exposing children to the music of other cultures, we challenged ourselves even further to ensure that our music was free of any songs with racist connotations and/or history. Aided by the counsel of highly-qualified and musically diverse experts, we underwent a thorough review of our song library in order to replace, alter, or add context to the carefully-chosen songs in our curriculum. We stand these curriculum changes and invite you to learn more about the song review process! Please check out our blog for an in-depth look at the improvements to our culturally responsive curriculum! Our goal is that Music Class can be a space for families of all races/ethnicities to happily make musical memories together.

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