The Music Class is a family-owned business based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Our small but mighty team focuses on providing the highest quality curricula, excellent customer service, and extensive training and support for our educators.

Raina Sayer

Raina has been involved in The Music Class since her father Rob Sayer started the company when she was 8 years old. For the past 10 years, Raina has been the director of TMC in China and created a specialized curriculum for non-English speakers. Raina is now the COO of The Music Class and will take the reins of this family business when Rob retires!
Favorite TMC moment
It is the best thing in the world to get to take my son to The Music Class and participate now as a parent! It's incredible and we're having so much fun. 🥰
TMC song that's always stuck in your head
"Brush a Brush" from The Lion Collection - We use it as our diaper-changing song! "Changing diapers in the morning time..."
When I'm not making music, I'm...
Doing long stroller walks around our neighborhood, checking out every ATL coffee shop, and hanging with my friends and their babies!

David Wetzel

David Wetzel is the Executive Vice President of Operations and Technology at The Music Class. He manages the day-to-day operations of the corporate office and is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the Atlanta center. In addition, David's responsibilities extend beyond Atlanta where he works directly with international centers offering TMC programs around the world. David is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. David lives in Roswell, GA with his wife Dr. Emily Wetzel. 
Favorite TMC moment
Receiving a surprise engagement party at a teacher workshop. I’m oblivious to surprise parties and events happening off script. Everyone was in on it including my wife. After she walked in, I still didn’t put all the pieces together. Then there was cake and it all made sense. 
TMC song that's always stuck in your head
"Polly Put The Kettle On" from The Bunny Collection 
When I'm not making music, I'm...
Riding and racing my road bikes 

Marcy Menetre

Marcy is the voice you are likely to hear when calling The Music Class office! She is from the Atlanta area and was a parent in Music Class back in 1998 with her oldest son. She was also in class with son number two in 2001 and again from 2012 to 2015 with her favorite little girl. She enjoys talking on the phone with parents, grandparents and caregivers so if you ever need assistance please don’t hesitate to call her up! 
Favorite TMC Moment
The Halloween Concerts. I love seeing the kiddo's in their costumes and their happy faces. I also enjoy seeing the parents and grandparents that come. It's such a family fun event!
TMC song that's always stuck in your head
"Dream of Me and You" from The Tiger Collection
When I'm not making music, I'm...
Watching the kids play their sports or reading a good book.

Rob Sayer

"Perhaps the reason I love music and teaching so much is because they both encompass creativity, working with others, and an endless path towards improvement.” 
Rob received his Bachelor of Music Performance and Master of Music Education Degrees from the Manhattan School of Music and also studied at the Juilliard School. He started his career as a trumpet player in the Natal Philharmonic Orchestra in South Africa and has had the opportunity to play with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and the Atlanta Symphony Brass Quintet. He currently enjoys playing in the Sentimental Journey Orchestra.
Realizing that early childhood was the most important time in music development, Rob decided to leave his position as a school band director (after spending 12 years in that role) in order to work with young children. After looking at existing early childhood music programs and not being able to find one that provided the critical combination of outstanding educational content, music that parents can enjoy, and a fun and interactive classroom environment, he decided to create his own. The result was that in 1998, Rob created the The Music Class® curriculum - writing, arranging and recording our songs and developing our teaching methods.

Rob is proud to have created The Music Class with the assistance of his wife Michele and children Raina and Brian. Staring from when she was only 8 years-old, Raina composed many of our most popular songs, and Brian has enjoyed singing on our recordings since the age of 2. Rob is also thankful to the wonderful teachers whose expertise and passion have contributed to the success of The Music Class.
Favorite TMC Moment
I love meeting up with families years after they have graduated from TMC. It’s wonderful to see that for so many, music and other creative arts continue to play a significant and joyful part in their lives.
TMC Song that gets stuck in your head
Whatever the last song is I just heard!
When I’m not making music I’m...
Kayaking, playing with the dog or enjoying the latest tech gadget.

Lan Lin

Lan has a B.S. in food and nutrition and currently working in a clinic. She is also a Chinese teacher in ACCA. She is one of our part-time employees as a support team member for RYB in China. 
Favorite TMC Moment
When we have a staff meeting to celebrate a coworkers’ birthday and play a fun game. 
TMC song that's always stuck in your head
"I’m So Happy" from Every Collection!
When I'm not making music, I'm... 
Dancing, singing and reading. 

Brigitte Veilleux

Brigitte is thriving in a close knit environment and joined the TMC corporate family in Sep 2019. She has received a Bachelor degree in Finance and has worked in the Canadian Armed Forces, Bank of America and other private corporations in their accounting departments. Her love for music started at a young age as her parents insisted that all their seven daughters were going to learn classical piano. Later on, she took saxophone and oboe lessons and joined community bands. She mostly enjoyed entertaining the seniors at retirement homes and playing at official dinners with the military. With the birth her own four children she came to value the education in music even more and enrolled them in Music for Young Children, then private piano lessons and later on, school bands and marching bands.

Favorite TMC moment
Go to class with my granddaughter Margo and very soon with the other younger three granddaughters

TMC song that's always stuck in your head
The Ostrich Walk from The Pony Collection

When I am not making music I'm…..
Helping out with family as I am blessed to have them all in the area or hiking/walking and entertaining friends.

Jen Lathrop

Jen Lathrop is the Executive Vice President of Strategy and Curriculum Development. She has always been super-passionate about music for everyone – and even more so after being a "Music Class Mom" with her own children! Jen took a round-about path to music, with stops in construction engineering and city planning - but she has always found joy in movement and music and making it into her life's work has been a gift. Jen started teaching with TMC in 2004, and has since taken on administrative duties, including training and managing centers and schools all over the world! 
Favorite TMC Moment
Choosing one moment after so many years with TMC is impossible. My favorite time as a teacher is experiencing a moment of connection with each of "my kids". Sometimes it's a sweet wave, or a vigorous hug that knocks me over - but it's always special to be part of their lives. 
TMC Song that's always stuck in your head
"Señor El Coqui" from The Frog Collection 
When I'm not making music, I'm...  
Reading, knitting, playing chauffeur, or trying to remember why I just walked into that room.