Educational Philosophy

The Music Class's Education Philosophy


There are three main research-based principles that help guide everything we do at The Music Class. 

1. Early Childhood is the Optimal Time for Music Education

Rapid brain development during the first years of life makes it the optimal time for developing pitch and rhythm skills. Because the early years are when the most dramatic changes can be affected in a child’s musical aptitude, The Music Class offers classes beginning at infancy. Nurturing the music development of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers opens the door to a lifetime of understanding and enjoyment of music. This deeper understanding of pitch and rhythm makes it easier for children to learn an instrument, dance, or succeed in any creative art they choose as they get older. 

2. Immersion is the Best Strategy for Learning Music

Children learn music the same way they learn a language - through immersion. Doing music once a week in class is not enough! Instead, real learning takes place when children are exposed to singing and dancing every day. We help parents and caregivers learn playful ways to make music a part of daily life, and include our award-winning recordings for every family to take home. Listening to music at home is now even easier for families with our TMC app.

3. Exposure to a Large Musical Vocabulary is Essential

In language development, we know that children who grow up in a household with a large spoken vocabulary learn to understand and speak with a large vocabulary. Music development works the same way. Children exposed to a wide variety of musical sounds learn to understand and enjoy those sounds. At The Music Class, we include songs in a wide variety of scales, meters, and musical styles from around the world to give each child a comprehensive musical understanding. We include a wide range of creative movement activities to go with each song in order to teach a comprehensive rhythmic understanding.

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Social, Emotional, and Physical Benefits of Learning Music

Active parent-child Music Classes will also enhance your child’s cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and brain development! Our programs utilize the evidence of brain science research to engage children musically through call and response, walking to the beat, whole-body movements, taking substitutions, and mirroring the children’s movements by caregivers and teachers! Our immersive philosophy also promotes parent/child bonding, which helps regulate your child’s moods and emotions.