The Bunny Collection

The Bunny Collection
Produced by Rob Sayer for The Music Class Inc.
Composer information noted in italics under the song title.

The Bunny Collection

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1. I'm So Happy 
Rob Sayer, Michele Marcus, Raina Sayer

2. One Cold and Frosty Morning
Rob Sayer

3. Do a Little Twist
Raina Sayer, age 10

4. The Wheels on the Bus

5. All Aboard
Rob Sayer

6. Grizzly Bear
Traditional. Adapted by Rob Sayer

7. Harp!
Rob Sayer

8. Hickory Dickory Dock
Traditional English nursery rhyme. Lyrics and melody adapted by Rob Sayer

9. Hickory Dickory Dock Rhythm Patterns

10. Five in the Bed

11. Go Mommy 
Rob Sayer

12. Spinning Top
Frank and Mary Hamilton

13. Spinning Top Tonal Patterns

14. Clicky Clack
Rob Sayer

15. Driving Down the Road
Traditional melody with new lyrics by Rob Sayer and Raina Sayer, age 10

16. Driving Down the Road Tonal Patterns

17. Bach Ball
Based on “Fugue in G Minor (The Little)” by J.S. Bach. Melody adapted and lyrics by Rob Sayer

18. Irish Lullaby
James Royce Shannon, 1913. Written for the musical “Shameen Dhu”

19. Hop High Funny Bunny
Traditional. Adapted by Frank and Mary Hamilton

20. Hi Ho
19th century English folk song adapted by Rob Sayer

21. Hi Ho Rhythm Patterns

22. Polly Put the Kettle On
Lyrics from an English nursery rhyme. Melody by Kim Chamberlain

23.  Up and Down

24. Up and Down Tonal Patterns

25. He He Wanna Wawate
Dakota folk song (Native American)

26. Mister Talker and the Walker
Rob Sayer

27. Whirlee
Rob Sayer

28. Going to the Supermarket
Rob Sayer

29. My Horse

30. My Horse Tonal Patterns

31. Iko Iko
Traditional New Orleans street song

32. Five Little Puppies
Rob Sayer

33. Bogalusa Strut
Sam Morgan. Arranged by Cynthia Sayer

34. Winter Lullaby
Traditional melody from Wales with new lyrics by Jennifer Marrack Cohen

35. See You Next Time
Rob Sayer, Michele Marcus, Raina Sayer

Engineer: Aristides Ioannides. Illustrator: Seth Benator, Art Director: Judy McCabe Smith. All arrangements by Rob Sayer unless otherwise noted.

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