The Dolphin Collection

The Dolphin Collection
Produced by Rob Sayer for The Music Class Inc.
Composer information noted in italics under the song title.

The Dolphin Collection

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1. I'm So Happy 
Rob Sayer, Michele Marcus, Raina Sayer

2. The Bridge at Avignon
French folk song adapted by Rob Sayer

3. Little Dolphin
Frank and Mary Hamilton

4. Train is A-Coming
Traditional. Adapted by Rob Sayer

5. Train is A-Coming Tonal Patterns

6. Riding in the Car
Based on the African-American folk song "Riding in the Buggy, Miss Mary Jane" with new lyrics by Rob Sayer

7. Bells/Frère Jacques
Traditional nursery rhyme of French origin, with new material by Frank and Mary Hamilton

8. Muffin Man
English nursery rhyme adapted by Rob Sayer

9. Muffin Man Tonal Patterns

10. I Don't See Them Anymore
Music by Raina Sayer, age 10. Lyrics by Rob Sayer and Raina Sayer

11. La, La, La

12. La Raspa/Mexican Hat Dance
A medley of Mexican folk songs “La Raspa” and “El Jarabe Tapatío”

13. Here is the Beehive

14. Here is the Beehive Rhythm Patterns

15. Triumphal March from Aida
Giuseppe Verdi (1871)

16. Slumber Time
Traditional Swedish lullaby adapted by Rob Sayer

17. Sravana 
Traditional melody from southern India

18. Five Little Fishies
Traditional. Adapted by Rob Sayer

19. Five Little Fishies Rhythm Patterns

20. You Can Play Too
Raina Sayer, age 10

21. Bugs
Rob Sayer

22. What Shall We Do?

23. Song of the Well
Traditional. Adapted by Rob Sayer

24. I Like Being a Doggie
Rob Sayer

25. I Like Being a Doggie Rhythm Patterns

26. Elephants on the Web
Based on a traditional Spanish nursery rhyme with additional lyrics and new melody by Rob Sayer

27. Elephants on the Web Tonal Patterns

28. Mole in the Ground
American folk song adapted by Frank and Mary Hamilton

29. Summer Medley
Medley of three traditional American songs. In the Good Old Summertime (Ren Shields and George Evans), Daisy, Daisy (Harry Dacre),  East Side, West Side (Charles Lawlor and James Blake). Arranged by Cynthia Sayer

30. Lullaby From India
Traditional song "Dal Hojem Bai" from India

31. See You Next Time
Rob Sayer, Michele Marcus, Raina Sayer

Engineer: Aristides Ioannides. Illustrator: Seth Benator, Art Director: Judy McCabe Smith. All arrangements by Rob Sayer unless otherwise noted.

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