The Best Bath Songs for Kids - That Grownups Like Too

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The Best Bath Songs for Kids - That Grownups Like Too!

The goal of The Music Class blog this session is to provide practical tips for getting a little more music into your child’s daily life. I think one of the “practical” parts that often gets overlooked in early childhood music is how important it is for adults to actually like the songs too! How can anyone ask you to sing a song over and over again if you find it annoying? That sounds very unpleasant. Young children need repetition to learn – so we better make the music enjoyable for the parents too in order to make that repetition possible!! 

This week, allow me to curate for you a list of bath song videos that I find thoroughly enjoyable, and I hope BOTH you and your kids will enjoy them too! 


1. “Bubble Pop” – A lyric video!

We have to start with The Music Class song from our spring session: “Bubble Pop!” I made a lyric video for you, so it’s super easy to sing along with. The song is a round in three parts, so pick one color to sing with and give it a go! 


2. "Rubber Duckie” - featuring Daveed Digs from Hamilton!!

THIS IS AMAZING. Daveed Digs (who plays Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson in Hamilton) kills this classic Sesame Street song remix. There are also sing-along lyrics at the bottom of the video. You’re welcome.

3. “Rubber Duckie” - featuring Little Richard! (RIP)

Sesame Street is so amazing with its celebrity cameos! This version of the “Rubber Duckie” song by Little Richard ROCKS.

4. “Splish Splash” – by Bobby Darin

In keeping with the lyric video theme, here is a lyric video of the happiest bath time song ever!

5. “Baby Shark” – by James Cordon, Sophie Turner, and Josh Groban (Yes you read that right.)

No one should be allowed to have a list of bath songs without “Baby Shark.” There are too many versions and videos to count, but THIS is the best in my humble opinion. In his intro, James Cordon literally talks about how “Baby Shark” doesn’t have to be only for kids! Way to nail the theme, James Cordon. 

6. “My Heart Will Go On” – by a Rubber Chicken

I’m getting a little silly with this list. But kids learn through play, so take these ideas and run with them to go play in the bath! In closing, please enjoy this video of an impressive child harpist accompanying a rubber chicken to the tune of “My Heart Will Go On” from Titanic.

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