Song of the Week: The Alphabet Song

Song of the Week

The Alphabet Song (and celebs and Sesame Street)

Hi everyone. Want a little piece of pure joy in your life right now? I have just the ticket. Below you will find approximately one million versions of The Alphabet Song with Sesame Street and various celebrities. (By one million, I mean 8.) I dare you to watch these with your kids and not feel a warm mush of happiness bubbling up inside. Afterward, go listen to the adorable little kid sing "The Alphabet Song" on The Giraffe Collection to blow up those happy bubbles a little bit more. I hope you have the best week possible and an excellent first Music Class of the Fall session!! (OMG it’s Fall?!)


1. Patty Labelle SLAYS The Alphabet


2. Usher’s ABC Song


3. Ok this isn’t really the Alphabet Song but it is B. B. King singing about the letter B and it’s AMAZING


4. SO MANY 90s celebs singing The Alphabet Song, including Ray Charles, Sir Patrick Stewart, and Lamb Chops


5. The Alphabet with Elmo and India Arie


6. ABC Hip Hop with Miles


7. Another beautiful almost Alphabet Song, Norah Jones sings “Don’t Know Y”


8. Sesame Street’s own celebrity Muppets singing The Alphabet Song

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