Song of the Week: Bunny Bunny

Song of the Week

Bunny Bunny (A topical terrific tune)

Hello wonderful Music Class families! 
Happy Passover and/or Easter for those of you that celebrate! The Song of This Week is “Bunny Bunny” and it is perfectly topical for a few reasons. 

1. The Easter Bunny. 

Obviously, Easter makes “Bunny Bunny” perfect for this week. Here is a super fun tip for your quarentainment whether you celebrate Easter or not: Google’s 3D augmented reality animals! If you haven’t already tried this, you have to check it out. Just open a google search on your phone and type in most common animals. (Full list of the animals available here.) Click on the button that says “View in 3D” and enjoy playing with life-sized tigers and lions and emperor penguins! You can now also find the “Easter Bunny,” a perfect companion to dance with while singing “Bunny Bunny!”

Rob and Raina
Rob and Raina back in the day!


2. Quarantine pets. 

One of the funniest upsides to virtual classes has been seeing everyone’s pets on Zoom. If you have a pet at home, go snuggle with him/her and sing! You can easily change the words for “Bunny Bunny” into “Doggy Doggy” or “Kitty Kitty” for an excellent personal rendition of the song. Virtual pets and of course stuffed animals work too! A stuffed bunny was the original inspiration for this song as you’ll see below. Here is a perfect example of one of our Music Class kids singing “Teddy Bear” from The Bear Collection to her dog named Bindi.

3. A small business success story.

“Bunny Bunny” is a perfect example of a small business success story, just bear with me for a second as I explain why. A lot of people don’t think of The Music Class as a small family business. It’s confusing when we talk about the program being offered in over 1,000 locations worldwide! I think the best way to explain it is that The Music Class creates the music and curriculum, but each center around the world is their own small business that uses our program to teach their students. We’re more like a giant network of small businesses, all using The Music Class curriculum. Does that make sense? Anyways, we are all living through a time when it is genuinely scary and also heart-warming to be a small business and see the outpouring of concern and support for small businesses everywhere. So it feels topical to talk about how the big boss and founder of The Music Class is my dad who still teaches his own classes weekly, and “Bunny Bunny” is a song he wrote for me when I was a kid!

The quick version of the story is this: I was a small child obsessed with bunnies and the jazz trumpet player Dizzy Gillespie. Interesting combo right? I loved bunnies because they're cute and I loved Dizzy because that's what my dad (also a trumpet player) would play in our house. The stuffed bunny that never left my side was thus dubbed “Dizzy Bunny” for Dizzy Gillespie. My dad wrote a song for him called “Dizzy Bunny” which eventually became the “Bunny Bunny” that we know and love today throughout our network of families and small businesses around the world! Here is an amazing video taken this weekend of a Music Class family in India rocking out to “I’m So Happy” and “Bunny Bunny!” BOOM. Small business success story from my family to yours! (For the long version of this story, check out the Do a Little Twist blog


Hang in there everybody, hug your pets (real or virtual), and keep tagging your Music Class At Home videos to show support for your local small businesses and the community that binds us together around the world! 
Love, Raina



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