Song of the Week: I Have a Rocket

Song of the Week

I Have a Rocket (Songs that are out of this world)

It’s The Final Countdown to the end of the winter Bear session! Music from around the world is spectacular, but do you want to know something that is truly special? Music that is out of this world. That’s right folks, we are leaving all the Earth Angels behind for the Song of this Week: “I Have a Rocket!” We’ve covered some pretty serious musical concepts through this series, but this week is just fun.

I wrote “I Have a Rocket” when I was about 10 years old, because I, like all Stray Kids, wondered what it would be like If I Were an Astronaut. What would it be like Walking On The Moon? Would there be Drops of Jupiter in my hair? What would The Planets look like from way out there?

Let’s ask some real astronauts! Here is a delightful quick video of NASA astronauts answering the 50 most googled questions about space.

One of the astronauts in that group is Commander Chris Hadfield, the first Canadian to walk in space. A Rocket Man, if you will. He also happens to be a musician. During his time on the International Space Station, he brought music to the cosmos in a way no one had really done before, recording David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” from the ISS. As one commenter points out, “this is probably the highest budget music video ever filmed.”

He also did a collaboration with The Barenaked Ladies LIVE FROM THE SPACE STATION. Think about that. We can’t sing together unmuted on Zoom because of the sound lag… and they were able to record a song together... live... from space. CRAZY.

I think I’d like someone to Fly Me To The Moon, especially when it’s bugger all down here on Earth. What about you? Do you want to get away, want to flyyy awwaayyy? A little outer space vacation sounds quite nice, but I don’t think I’d like to live there. Neither would Ernie. I remember this song vividly from when I was a kid, it was so much fun rediscovering it!

In conclusion, I hope your winter session with The Music Class has been out of this world, you’ve learned some things and laughed about some things reading this blog, and you run, don’t fall, on your way to sign up for Spring!

Lots of love,
Ms. Raina

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