Song of the Week: Summer Medley

Song of the Week

SOTW – Summer Medley

Happy summer everyone! Have we got a medley for you! That’s right, today’s SOTW is “Summer Medley!” The definition of a medley is “A varied mixture of people or things; a miscellany.” And that is what we will strive for today. 

I would like to start this lovely post of miscellany by reminding everyone that there’s no wrong way to play an instrument. 


Now that we’ve got that covered, on to the song! This medley features three Americana songs that were popular in the early 1900's. What else was popular in the early 1900's? Saying things like “She’s your tootsie wootsie,” which was presumably a compliment and is included in our first song of this medley, “In the Good Old Summertime.” (You can see the full lyrics in The Dolphin Collection eBook linked through The Music Class app!) This song is most famous for being featured in the Judy Garland movie of the same name… called…. In the Good Old Summertime! For some great nostalgia and corsets check out the trailer below. 


What else was popular in the early 1900's? Tandem bicycles and barbershop quartets. Our next song in this medley is “Daisy Bell (A Bicycle Built for Two.)” With the marvels of modern video editing this one guy nails the whole four-part barbershop quartet by himself! (He also does a great version of “In The Good Old Summertime”


The third and final song is “East Side, West Side (The Sidewalks of New York.)” What else was popular in the early 1900's? Apparently exceedingly long song titles. This song goes out to all of our friends in New York city who are currently having an exceedingly rough time staying off of sidewalks. On a lighter note, this very silly version of the song is a nod back to our first video of the Music Class girl playing tambourine on her head. I hope it makes you and your kids giggle and try tap dancing in your kitchen! 

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