Song of the Week: Toot Toot Tootsie

Song of the Week

Toot Toot Tootsie (A Spike Jones-style musical scavenger hunt for kids!)

Most of us don’t pay as close attention to a song without words. So, this week we have for you a scavenger hunt within our wordless play-along, “Toot Toot Tootsie!” The recording is chock-full of funny sound effects like kazoos, whistles, duck quacks and a horse whinny. This seems fitting for a song with an equally silly name. Yes, there are also horn toots. No, there are no people toots. Ok, I’m done.

Spike Jones popularized this style of satirical performances replete with comical non-instruments. Check out an amazing example of his band HERE. Today, we have him to thank for rubber chicken versions of MozartStrauss, and Mahler.

Cynthia Sayer’s band clearly had a lot of fun recording this song for The Music Class kids. They recorded the rest of the play-alongs as well, though none of the others feature a gong. Cynthia is in the Banjo Hall of Fame (yes, that’s a thing), is considered one of the top banjo players in the world, and is my aunt. Now let’s listen to her! And also to the duck quacks. 

HOW TO PLAY: Press play (duh) and listen for each sound effect with your kids! Some of the sounds repeat, so they’re on the list more than once! See if you can catch them all!

1.    Coach’s whistle
2.    Train whistle
3.    Old fashioned car horn
4.    Washboard
5.    Train whistle
6.    Horse neigh
7.    Kazoo
8.    Train whistle
9.    Slide whistle
10.    “HEY!”
11.    Jingle Bells melody
12.    Train whistle
13.    Duck quacks
14.    Old fashioned car horn
15.    Coach’s whistle
16.    Old MacDonald melody
17.    Jingle bells
18.    Train whistle
19.    Gong

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