Song of the Week: Triumphal March from Aida

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SOTW – Triumphal March from Aida

Hello Music Class friends! Welcome to the first Dolphin Collection Song Of The Week! Today we’re going to do some fun facts about “Triumphal March from Aida.”

  • Aida is one of the world’s most popular operas, written by Italian composer Giuseppe Verde. Pretty cool that your kid is listening to opera, right? Especially because like, do YOU listen to opera? Probably not. Most of us don’t. Operas are hard to understand (literally most operas are written in other languages) and can be dull if you aren’t an opera person and don't know what’s going on. We can turn our kids into “opera people” by listening to “Triumphal March from Aida” and other examples of opera when they’re little, so it doesn’t sound so unintelligible when they’re big! So cultured!
  • Aida is set in ancient Egypt and tells the complicated love story between the Egyptian general Ramades and Ethiopian princess Aida while their two countries are at war. Princess Aida is enslaved to an Egyptian princess named Amneris, who is also in love with Ramades. The love triangle sparks chaos (as love triangles do) and beautiful songs. As the name suggests, the “Triumphal March” is played when Ramades returns victorious from battle - marching triumphantly! The triumphant march is a scene of immense internal conflict for our princess Aida, whose love Ramades just won a battle against her country. More chaos and beautiful music ensues.
  • The opera is characterized by extravagant sets and a huge chorus of performers. Here’s an amazing clip from The Met where you can really get a feel for the beautiful stage! This is actually the first part of the “Triumphal March” – right before the recognizable bit featured on The Music Class recording.
  • And here’s the recognizable bit! Do you recognize it? Do your kids?
  • If you have a bigger kid, CLICK HERE to download a super cool Aida worksheet with a word search and crossword puzzle from Classics for Kids!
  • Last but certainly not least, we can’t talk about Aida without mentioning ELTON JOHN! Why!?! Because the Broadway musical adaptation of Aida premiered in 2000 with music by Sir Elton. It was produced by Walt Disney and won a total of four Tony awards including best original score. The revival of the musical was supposed to hit the stage later this year – everyone cross your fingers that still happens!
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