Traveling for the Holidays with Kids!

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Traveling for the Holidays with Kids

Beep, beep! 

*baby crying*


“Are we there yet?”

^ The sounds of a typical family road trip.

Until now.

Traveling with little ones can be one of the most stressful aspects of the holiday season. Especially as the hours on the plane or in the car tick on and you feel your family getting restless. But don’t worry! We are bringing you some tried-and-true tips to make your trip both enjoyable AND musical! Below you’ll find a list of parent-approved ideas to make your holiday travels smooth sailing. And since this is The Music Class, we have provided you with song suggestions to pair with each tip. Yup, it’s just like a fancy restaurant menu where each entrée has its perfect beverage mate. Enjoy! 



Listen to Music! 

The sound of happy kids is true music to your ears when you’re in a car or plane. One of the best ways to ensure that happiness is by turning on some music that they will love! We recommend On the Road with The Music Class available on Spotify, Google Play or any of your other favorite streaming services. This album is like taking two trips in one because you will be transported all across the globe with the variety of international sounds and styles featured in the songs. You can also sing some all-time favorites like “The Wheels on the Bus” and sing about the people and things in your car!
SONG SUGGESTIONS: "Riding in My Car Now", "Shananana," "Mommy Yak", and "Walking from On the Road" with The Music Class

On the Road with The Music Class

Bring an Activity Bag!

This might be the holy grail of traveling success. Before you hit the open road, pack a bag of your child's small toys and activities to keep them entertained mile after mile. Seeking some activity bag inspiration? Try these ideas:

  • Musical instruments - Throw a few egg shakers and little maracas into the mix to jam along with all the great tunes you’re listening to! 

SONG SUGGESTIONS: "Down by the Riverside", "Yellow Bird" and "Panda Pete" from On the Road" with The Music Class

SONG SUGGESTION: "When We're Drawing Together" from The Frog Collection
PRO TIP: If you are using a songbook, make sure to remove the black crayon as kids have been known to scribble on the lyrics in black making it VERY hard to check the lyrics later on. 

  • Favorite Toys and “Lovies” - An obvious, but important choice. Don't leave home without a few of your child's precious playthings. If you want to make the car trip extra special, try adding in a NEW toy or activity that will peak your child's interest!

SONG SUGGESTIONS: "Driving My Truck", "Johnny Giraffe" and "Bear Feet" from On the Road with The Music Class and "I Have A Doll" from The Frog Collection

Kids coloring

Snack Time Anyone?

You don’t need us to tell you how important car snacks are. We only mention this one to let you know that you can make snack time SUPER fun by singing through it! Sing a few rounds of “Muffin Man” adding in verses about the snacks you have with you! 
SONG SUGGESTIONS: "Muffin Man" from The Dolphin Collection, "Applesauce" from The Tiger Collection

Peanut butter and jelly

Go to Sleep

Your kids. Not you. Unless you’re riding shotgun, then maybe you too. To facilitate the most peaceful naptime, listen to The Lullaby Collection which is also available on your favorite streaming service. Just press play and the calming, dulcet tones of the album will soothe your child to sleep in no time. 
SONG SUGGESTIONS: "Golden Slumbers", "Tired Eyes" and "Go to Sleep" from The Lullaby Collection

The Lullaby Collection

We hope these tips will fill your family travels with joy and music! Happy holidays everyone!