Health Policy

No sick kids or grownups at music class please!

Health Policy

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As part of our effort to minimize the spread of germs all music class instruments and props will be freshly sanitized before use.   Studio surfaces will be wiped down with antibacterial cleaners and carpets will be freshly sprayed with alcohol before each class.  

Do not come to class if anyone in your house is feeling unwell.  Do not come to class if anyone has experienced fever in the past week.  Do not come to class if anyone in your household is returning from international travel.  If you need to withdraw because your child is unwell or you have sick family members, or you have family coming to stay from another country, we will refund the remainder of your session fee minus the music supply fee.  If you or your child comes in contact with anyone diagnosed with Covid-19, please inform us immediately so we can take appropriate action. 

Fundamentally Music and it's employees will do everything in our power to keep the studios freshly cleaned and sanitized for each class but we are ultimately not responsible for anyone who becomes ill with any illness including Covid-19 during the time they are registered in our classes.



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