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"When I first started I thought I would be making a little extra money teaching a few music classes...little did I know that with the help and support of The Music Class I would find a rewarding career and grow a business that could support my family."
- Lizzie Oretsky, Fundamentally Music

Are you a music teacher looking for an award-winning early childhood curriculum to expand your offerings? Are you a parent who would like to start your own fun, rewarding, and completely flexible business? Are you an entrepreneur who would love to bring high-quality music education to the families in your community?

Then you should open your own Music Class Center!

As the business owner and Music Class Center Director, you have the flexibility to offer classes on your schedule, according to your needs and the needs of your community. Do you want to teach on weekdays? Weekends only? Opening a Music Class Center is 100% scalable: you can make teaching Music Class your part-time job or your full-time job. You can teach all classes yourself, or hire more teachers to work for your center. TMC is a truly flexible, fun, and rewarding job that can grow as large or stay as small as you want it to be!

Music Programs for Babies, Toddlers, and Preschoolers

When you open a Music Class center you can teach any of our award-winning curricula. The Music Class offers a wide variety of programs to fit your early childhood music education interests!


The Music Class teacher training includes start-up training, and continued trainings for each session you teach TMC. Every song in every collection has learning objectives, teaching instructions, and video examples of how to lead the song in class. We make it as easy as possible for busy teachers!

Teach with Research-Based Music Curriculum and High-Quality Materials

"I love teaching music to babies and toddlers because I love watching the wheels turn as they develop their new musical skills. It is truly amazing to see how early they can do tonal and rhythm patterns because we are focusing on that with them. Plus the classes are just so much fun! I get to be part clown and part teacher and since it's a parent-child class I can just be the kids' big silly musical friend!"
- Temple Cundall

Our award-winning music includes a great variety of musical sounds designed to stimulate musical learning. Exposure to a large vocabulary of scales, rhythms, and styles of music at a young age sets the foundation for our young students to understand and enjoy those sounds for the rest of their lives.  

Because we recognize that parents need to enjoy the music themselves if they are going to play it repeatedly at home, we make sure our music isn’t simplistic or babyish. Instead our music is rich in variety and sophistication. Parents constantly tell us how much they enjoy the music themselves!

The Music Class Website

All Music Class centers in the US have access to TMC's website to process registrations and manage classes. Our custom site provides exclusive features and ease of use that generic, outsourced sites simply cannot provide. 

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