Refund Policy

Miss Polly’s Music Class Refund Policy (as of 7/27/20):

Five or more days before the session starts.
Full refunds are available with no questions asked as long as we receive your request five business days or more before the first day of the session.  (Note that we don’t determine the date based on your first scheduled class, but instead from the first day of classes that session.)
Late Refund Requests
Refund requests received four business days or less before the session starts, and before the first time your class meets:  We will refund your tuition minus a $35 administration fee.
Refund requests received after your first class and before week five in the Session, we will refund your tuition minus a $35 administration fee, a $35 materials fee, and $11.00 for each class that has occurred.
 Refund requests will no longer be honored after the fourth week of the session.
$35 of your tuition pays for materials.  If you received materials and return them to Miss Polly with the CD still in its shrink wrap and the book in new condition, she will refund you the $35 materials fee. 
Major Medical
If you miss class due to a major medical condition, such as hospitalization or prescribed bed rest, contact us no later than 2 weeks after your first missed class.  We will refund you for the classes not taken.  

**COVID-19 Closure Scenarios:

-For Fall 2020 In-person Classes:   If the State of IN or the IN Dept of Health issue a stay-at-home order, or if Miss Polly feels it in the best interest of the safety of her Music Class families, Miss Polly's Music Classes may discontinue live, in-person classes and go to AT HOME classes via Zoom in the safety of students' homes.  *If this happens, there will be no refunds given.  However, Miss Polly will determine a credit that may be used toward a future Miss Polly's Music Class Session that would recoup going from a live/in-person class to an interactive online class via Zoom.  *Credit amount TBD based on number of classes that are affected.