Health Policy

As part of our effort to minimize the spread of germs you will find a container of hand wipes and/or gel hand sanitizer in each classroom. As you come into class please clean your hands and your child’s hands.  

In addition to hand washing, we ask you to keep careful track of any instruments that go in your child's mouth. For your convenience, we provide a "tasted instrument bin" in each classroom so parents don't have to use class time to clean instruments.  Our instructors will clean instruments in this bin with alcohol after classes.

Do not come to class if your child has had

  • a fever within the last 24 hours
  • a rash
  • greenish discharge from the nose
  • excessive coughing
  • any communicable disease (chicken pox, etc.)

This policy helps to protect all of our children and adults from illness.  Please schedule an absence for the class you will miss, and then schedule a make-up class when your child is healthy.  We allow unlimited make-ups for medical reasons.