IN PERSON (IP)/AT HOME (AH):  A 10 week session is $155** for IP and is $125** for AH - IP is $13/wk tuition (or $130) + $25 music fee* and AH is $10/wk tuition (or $100) + $25 music fee*

*Music is provided as online access thru the app.  A limited number of CDs and/or Songbooks are available for an additional fee - please contact the office if interested at 317-573-0080

**Please note, to receive the $25 materials discount you must have previously taken the collection in class (discount is automatically applied at check out)

SIBLINGS: Sibling tuition (six months and older as of the session start date) is $110 In Person ($11/wk) and $80 At Home ($8/wk).  Siblings receive both a materials discount* of $25 (one music fee per family) as well as a tuition discount of $20 ($2/wk).  To receive the sibling discount, the child must live in the same household.  Siblings under six months as of the session start date attend free. 

Please add free siblings to your online account, but do not register them for class.

Please note:  for families who "nanny-share" the families must each have their own account and the children registered separately.

PRO-RATINGOnce the session is underway the system will automatically pro-rate the tuitionPlease note that the materials fee is always $25, regardless which week you join.


Three makeups are allowed each session and can be scheduled any time during the session at either location based on space available.  Please also schedule any absences from your regular class, as this allows another student to use your regular spot as a makeup.  This is especially important during the pandemic, as spaces are limited.  Makeups and absences can be schedule online through the website or thru the app (The Music Class) - It is a good idea to get makeups scheduled as early in the session as you can, as later in the session the makeups are less available.  You are welcome to do a makeup ahead of time (e.g., if you are planning to be on vacation week 6 of the session, you can schedule a makeup during week 3) 

The Music Playhouse has four 10 week sessions/year (winter, spring, summer and fall), rotating 12 different collections over three years.  For the specific session dates, please see Session Dates and Collections document found in the Important Documents section.