Keyboard Year 2

The Music Class Keyboard - Year Two

In Atlanta, Rob Sayer (Mr. Rob) offers a second year of our TMC keyboard program. Keyboard 2 focuses on improvisation and composition, along with music reading and improving technical skills. We offer fall and winter sessions only, after which we encourage our graduates to move on to private instruction! 

The final project of Keyboard 2 is to write an original song. We are so proud of the work our students accomplish every year! Mr. Rob workshops the songs with the children as a group, making sure each student has a clear image in their head of what they want their song to sound like. They each write the lyrics, determine the form, and figure out the pitches, rhythms, and chords for their original composition. Mr. Rob puts together their arrangement and then each student records their own vocals. All told, the song writing process is about a 2-month project, which is quite an accomplishment for these musicians ranging in age from 6 - 8. This is such a wonderful exercise in creativity and musical thinking. We foresee many musical accomplishments from our Keyboard 2 students in the years to come!!

Click here to enjoy our Keyboard 2 student compositions!