Should babies wait until they can walk before taking classes

My baby is 4 months old. Can she benefit from class now, or should I wait until she can walk?

There is a growing body of research to that suggests the younger a child is, the more he or she is learning. Even though a baby cannot run, clap or sing in class, their brain is developing at a faster rate than the brains of the big kids. Additionally, research suggests that during the second 6 months of life the brain is already prioritizing: discarding the neural information pathways not stimulated by its environment. So yes, the best possible time to start The Music Class is when your child is a baby!

Another way to think of this is to compare learning to speak with learning music. In the same way that talking to your baby from birth is critical to your child’s language development, exposing your child to music from birth benefits her music development.  Of course your baby cannot show you how much she is learning now. Be patient! Let her feel the beat, listen to you sing, and observe in class. Absorbing musical sounds is the first step in music development. When she becomes a toddler she will surely blossom. Then you will see first hand the benefits of coming to class during that precious first year.