Rob Sayer

Rob Sayer Founder of The Music Class
Founder and CEO of The Music Class Inc.

"Perhaps the reason I love music and teaching so much is because they both encompass creativity, working with others, and an endless path towards improvement.” 
Rob received his Bachelor of Music Performance and Master of Music Education Degrees from the Manhattan School of Music and also studied at the Juilliard School. He started his career as a trumpet player in the Natal Philharmonic Orchestra in South Africa and has had the opportunity to play with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and the Atlanta Symphony Brass Quintet. He currently enjoys playing in the Sentimental Journey Orchestra.
Realizing that early childhood was the most important time in music development, Rob decided to leave his position as a school band director (after spending 12 years in that role) in order to work with young children. After looking at existing early childhood music programs and not being able to find one that provided the critical combination of outstanding educational content, music that parents can enjoy, and a fun and interactive classroom environment, he decided to create his own. The result was that in 1998, Rob created the The Music Class® curriculum - writing, arranging and recording our songs and developing our teaching methods.

Rob is proud to have created The Music Class with the assistance of his wife Michele and children Raina and Brian. Staring from when she was only 8 years-old, Raina composed many of our most popular songs, and Brian has enjoyed singing on our recordings since the age of 2. Rob is also thankful to the wonderful teachers whose expertise and passion have contributed to the success of The Music Class.
Favorite TMC Moment
I love meeting up with families years after they have graduated from TMC. It’s wonderful to see that for so many, music and other creative arts continue to play a significant and joyful part in their lives.
TMC Song that gets stuck in your head
Whatever the last song is I just heard!
When I’m not making music I’m...
Kayaking, playing with the dog or enjoying the latest tech gadget.