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We are a family-owned business - passionate about creating quality music education programs, providing outstanding customer service, and maintaining joyful businesses for ourselves and our partners. By prioritizing quality instead of growth, our business has naturally expanded across the globe through recommendations from our happy students, teachers, and business partners. 

Rob Sayer, the President and founder, runs the day-to-day operations of The Music Class. Rob and the team at TMC corporate have 24 years of experience helping center directors around the world build their own successful TMC businesses. They also have 24 years of classroom experience, because Rob and the corporate team have always continued to teach their own TMC classes. This consistent hands-on classroom experience enables TMC to provide the best practice guidance to our educational collaborators worldwide.

With Parents or At School

Music Pups® is our most popular program for parent/child classes. MusiCanopy® is our curriculum for preschools and childcare settings that can be taught by music specialists or by classroom teachers. Click on the "Program Type" link below to learn more.

Fun and Educational Music

Our award-winning music includes a great variety of musical sounds designed to stimulate musical learning. Exposure to a large vocabulary of scales, rhythms, and styles of music at a young age sets the foundation for our young students to understand and enjoy those sounds for the rest of their lives.  

Because we recognize that parents need to enjoy the music themselves if they are going to play it repeatedly at home, we make sure our music isn’t simplistic or babyish.  Instead our music is rich in variety and sophistication. Parents constantly tell us how much they enjoy the music themselves!

Teachers need to have an effervescent personality, a pleasant singing voice, accurate pitch and rhythm skills, and a desire to learn our methods. TMC provides start-up training, detailed teaching instructions, video examples, and lesson plans.  With your talents and our training, we make it easy to have success in the classroom.

TMC Website

All Music Pups teachers have access to TMC's exclusive website, providing dedicated features and ease of use that generic, outsourced sites simply cannot provide. 

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