6 Convenient Color Songs for Big Kids, Toddlers, and Babies!

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6 Convenient Color Songs for Big Kids, Toddlers, and Babies!

On the blog this session we’re going to be focusing on easy ways to use music in your everyday life. This is a super important goal at The Music Class because children learn music through being immersed in it. All day long you and your kids are surrounded by different colors. The colors of the clothes you (or they) pick out to wear, the colors of their toys, the colors of the trees outside! Any time you see a color (AKA all day, every day) it’s an opportunity to sing a color song, get some musical learning in, and practice identifying colors with your kids!

SO, here’s a list of 6 color songs that are super convenient AND musically valuable to work into your child’s day. For each of these songs, simply substitute whatever color you are currently looking at into the lyrics. This will make the song relevant, meaningful, and super fun for your child. Of course, it’s also great to encourage older children to think creatively about any colors they want to sing about! 

Also great – sing color songs while you’re coloring in The Music Class songbook!!


1. Did You Ever See a Blue Dog?

(To the tune of “The More We Get Together” or “Did You Ever See a Lassie?”)

Check out this video of our Monkey Collection song, "Did You Ever See a Blue Dog!" TMC families will recognize superstar cameos of Ms. Jen, Ms. Mary, Ms. Heather, and Ms. Berne. I think this would be super cute to sing with your dog, but I’m biased. (Check out my dog Moose’s cameo in the “You Can Play Too” blog.


2. Baa Baa Black Sheep

(To the tune of… JK obviously you know this song)
If you are a multilingual household (or not but want to teach your kids a second language!) color songs are also an excellent opportunity to practice vocabulary. The video below was filmed for The Music Class families in China who are learning English through our program! Please feel free to giggle at me trying very hard to use as much Chinese as possible and switch back and forth giving instructions. Thank goodness Ms. Lan was there to help. I wish I started learning Mandarin when I was 2… 


3. Yellow Bird

(This is an adaptation of a traditional melody from Haiti called “Choucoune.”)
You can stream The Music Class’s version of “Yellow Bird” for free on Spotify! We have a whole compilation of some of our favorites called “On the Road with The Music Class.” You’ll also hear it on The Panda Collection this summer! I found this beautiful version recorded by The Mills Brothers, the first African American singers to have their own national radio show. Please enjoy their amazing three-part harmonies!


4. Sesame Street and OK Go – Three Primary Colors 

OK, this is super fun. No one can top OK Go’s incredibly creative music videos - and this video that teaches children about the three primary colors is just as enjoyable and catchy. This is a great video to watch before doing an art project with your kids, like coloring in The Music Class songbook!! 


5. Blue (Da Ba Dee)

Who said you can only sing songs that were made for children to your children? Not us! As a millennial, I had to include this song in the list. (I thoroughly checked the video and lyrics for inappropriate content; don’t worry it’s kid-safe!)


6. Yellow Submarine

The Beatles need no introduction. I have vivid memories of watching the Yellow Submarine movie over and over again on one of those pop-down TV screens that used to be in so many minivans. It’s pretty cool that we can continue passing down these favorite songs and instill a love of so many different styles of music in our kids! 

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