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Allegro: Lively Music for Children - Athens, GA

Many of the visitors to our blog know about our classes in Atlanta, where Rob founded The Music Class®. (Click here to learn more about Rob why he started TMC!) 

But, did you know that there are teachers all over the WORLD bringing The Music Class into their own communities?! They are all independently owned and operated but offer the same programs that tens of thousands of families in Atlanta have enjoyed through the years. 

We thought you might like to meet some of them, so we’ll be featuring centers from around the world in a new series here in the TMC Newsroom that we’re calling Center Spotlight!

Music Class Around The World

Let’s start here in Georgia, just a stone’s throw away from Atlanta...Athens, GA! 

Allegro: Lively Music for Children
Center Director: Cathy Rumfelt

Cathy started as a teacher in our classes in Atlanta – and when she moved to Athens, GA, in 2014, her first question to us was, “Can I teach Music Class there?” In just 5 years, Allegro has grown from a studio with about 30 families and just a few classes to over 100 students and 11 classes a week – and they are still growing! Cathy also teaches The Music Class for 
Schools program over at Lifespan Montessori as their music teacher!

Miss Cathy

Allegro doesn’t just teach music classes though – they have also become a beloved part of the Athens community and have shared their joy in music with all the children of Athens by performing at Kidsfest (the kids’ stage at Athfest - Athens’ annual summer music festival.) Cathy also loves bringing music to children’s events around town like the Athens Pride Festival, the Children’s Garden at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia, Creature Comforts Curiosity Corner, and the grand opening of the Athens Area Diaper Bank. 

But enough from us – let’s hear more directly from Miss Cathy!

How did you find music as a passion?

I have loved music since I was a kid. Growing up, my dad was always singing, and someone was always playing the piano. Many of my childhood memories were in a choir, or singing with my twin sister. I took piano lessons for 10 years, and don’t ever remember my house being without music. Later in high school in college, I continued singing - onstage in musical theater, in music ministry at school, and really anytime I had the chance

Did you always want to teach music? 

Teaching music is a second career for me. I taught high school English for 11 years, and then took a break to stay home when I had my first child. I went to music classes with him and really enjoyed it. I knew that I wanted my kids to have music in their lives just like I did. I realized that I missed teaching, and a job opened up at my neighborhood TMC studio for a music teacher. I went for it, and found the *perfect* job for me, combining two passions: teaching and music. 


Tell us more about your other passions & projects – musical and otherwise! 

Athens, GA is an amazing place to live if you love music. I have tons of opportunities to perform for kids around town. The past few years I’ve been able to play onstage at Kidsfest, which is the kids stage at Athfest, our annual local music festival. I *love* to perform and it’s always a blast to see the students from my classes jamming out in the audience! When I’m not doing that, I sing in a Breeders (band from the 90’s - they sang Cannonball) cover band called The ReBreeders. My twin sister and I sing lead vocals, just like the twin sisters who fronted the original band (Kim and Kelley Deal). 

As I mentioned I have an identical twin - and she lives across the street from me! We confuse everyone in town - she often has children run up to her and excitedly say “Miss Cathy,” thinking it’s their music teacher!

I also perform with a local dance company called The Modern Pin-ups. We do jazz, hip-hop, musical theatre, and more. We have several shows a year and it’s a blast!

I also love to sew! In the past I have mainly sewed quilts, but this year I have started making some of my own clothes, which has been an adventure! 

As I said, I taught high school before teaching music - and this year one of my former high school students came to my music class with her daughter(!!wow I’m old!!)

Being with kids, watching them learn and helping them grow is definitely my life’s passion. I love working with kids and getting to know my families. Sharing music with them and seeing kids learn so much in class is the best part of my job.

Cathy and Allegro are great examples of The Music Class spirit: bringing the joy of music and movement to not only the children in their classes, but also to their community at large. Thanks, Cathy, for being such a fabulous TMC Center!

You can find out more about Allegro, and sign up for classes, here:


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