Song of the Week: Forever Friends

Song of the Week

SOTW - Forever Friends

This song freaking rocks,
You hear that guitar?
Go stream it right here or the app in your car.

It’s groovy and rough,
Much cooler than most,
Of little kid music that sounds like white toast.

This music is real, 
It is 12-bar blues,
The classic progression of chords that we use.

In a minor key,
And a triple beat,
This rock-and-roll ditty has lyrics so sweet.

Can your kid relate?
Do they have a toy?
Or blankie that brings them the ultimate joy?

That helps them to sleep,
Whose holes that you mend,
The lovie that’s become their “Forever Friend?”

Go gather that love!
And turn on this song!
And belt out the words as you all dance along!

To teach your kids rock,
To teach your kids blues,
To sing with their favorite thing that they use.

So years down the line,
When it’s tucked away,
The Forever Friend will rest knowing that they,

Helped nurture your kid,
Cement in their cares,
A deep love of music they’ll pass on to theirs.


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