Song of the Week: Patterns

Song of the Week

SOTW – Patterns

The Song of this Week isn’t really a song. It’s an activity. You can call them “Bum bums.” You can call them “patterns.” You can call them many things, and while you’re thinking up some new fun names you can watch this video example!

Patterns in class:

Always and forever in every single Music Class we do patterns. Patterns are an all-distractions-stripped-away super pure learning tool. They have nothing else going on for the children to pay attention to except for either pitch or rhythm. Have you ever closed your eyes to focus on your thoughts? Have you ever plugged your nose to hear more clearly? No? Just me? Patterns work the same way, by removing everything else so you can completely focus on just one thing. So pure. So effective. So fun?

The great thing about patterns is that kids actually love them. It’s like feeding your child brussels sprouts and realizing it’s their favorite food. This incredibly nutritionally dense musical tool often ends up being one of the things Music Class kids want to do the most at home!

Patterns at home:

The main goal of your teacher in your (now virtual) Music Class classroom is to show parents how to do these musical activities at home with their kids. The way children learn is through repetition, so your kids can’t just show up to class once a week and magically start singing perfectly in tune and keeping the beat! You have to do your homework, and that means singing and dancing and practicing patterns every day. Silver lining of all of a sudden being at home with your kids 24/7? More time to practice “bum bums”, am I right?!?

(For more about repetition and more VERY cute kid videos check out the I’m So Happy blog!

We try to make it super easy to practice patterns by including a bunch of them on every Music Class collection. NO, you don’t have to just make up patterns yourself, so don’t worry! And YES, if you sign up for a 4-week block of virtual classes, you will always get the music on our app! Because of course you get the music, because kids learn through repetition, because how are you supposed to practice if you don’t have the songs?

Here are all of The Elephant Collection songs with patterns and the musical concept each of these patterns teach. If you would like to share a video of your family practicing patterns at home, tag @TheMusicClass on Instagram or Facebook! We all need community more than ever right now, and we have been LIVING for the amazing videos everyone’s been sharing of singing and dancing at home.

Lots of love, stay safe, and practice your patterns!

The Elephant Collection songs with patterns:

  • Out of My Window – Rhythm patterns to practice duple meter
  • Duckie Family – Tonal patterns to practice minor tonality
  • Alligator – Rhythm patterns to practice 5/8 mixed meter (Click here for more info about mixed meter!
  • Elephant – Tonal patterns to practice Phrygian mode (Click here for more info about Phrygian!
  • The Squirrel – Rhythm patterns to practice triple meter
  • Little Bird – Tonal patterns to practice minor tonality
  • Sweetly Sings the Donkey – Tonal patterns to practice major tonality
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