Spotlight on The Music Class Alumni: Thomas

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Spotlight on The Music Class Alumni: Thomas Jenkins

In celebration of The Music Class's 25th anniversary in 2023, we have asked past and present students and teachers to share their TMC stories. We will be spotlighting some of these stories on the blog and are starting with the wonderful Thomas! Thomas's family shared the information and pictures below. If you would like to share your TMC story, please click here!

TMC Alumni Thomas Jenkins

Name: Thomas Jenkins

Current Age: 15*

Age(s) attended Music Class: 5 and 6 years old (attended keyboard classes.)

Location attended Music Class: The Music Class Atlanta

Musical or creative activities currently involved in: Thomas lives for all things music! Not only is he in the marching band, symphonic band, and jazz band at his high school, but his passion is writing music. He is studying composition and spends a huge chunk of his time composing. He recently won the Georgia Music Educators Association Music Technology Student Showcase. 

TMC Story: The Music Class truly was life-changing for Thomas and our family. We always knew Thomas was pretty musical, but TMC was able to help him tap into abilities that still surprise us every day. Ten years later, Rob continues to be a mentor to Thomas, and we will forever be grateful for his patience, skills, and passion for helping kids discover the music within!

Thomas playing tromboneThomas composing

Thomas's first composition: Thomas composed his very first piece with Mr. Rob in the Keyboard year 2 program. Please enjoy Thomas's song from 6 years old, about his grandmothers!

Follow Thomas's composition journey: Please check out Thomas's website where he features all of his compositions at:

You can also follow Thomas on his Youtube channel:

Thomas wanted to share one of his favorite compositions with The Music Class community, called "Atop the Boundless." He composed, produced, orchestrated, and mixed this piece at age 14. We couldn't be more proud of Thomas!

*Thomas's age in Feb 2023.

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