750-A N. Chase Street
Athens, GA 30601
United States

Our focus at Allegro is teaching children to love music through playing and having fun! We will help expand their musical vocabularies through exposing them to different musical styles and through lively activities that will keep them engaged and excited in class. Parents will also benefit because you will leave class with lots of musical ideas to share with your children at home. Everyone has fun at music class!

Classes are taught by center director Cathy Rumfelt and Marian Welch-Quigley, experienced educators who *love* music. Our teachers are energetic, love children and love sharing this special time with your families.

Currently all of our classes are virtual, but we hope to be in person soon. 

We would love to see you at Allegro! Register online at or call 706-510-6995 for more information and to find out about our current or upcoming session. 



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