From Music Class Mom to Music Class Teacher

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From Music Class Mom to Music Class Teacher

Mary Locker's TMC Story

From mom to Music Class teacher

“You should be a Music Class teacher,” my friend Bretta said, as we walked on the path singing songs from The Lion Collection with our two-year-olds. Little did I know, that comment would spark an idea that became a reality three years later. Here is my journey from The Music Class mom to The Music Class teacher.

My passion for music started at a young age. My family would gather and the guitars and banjos would come out. We sang all the songs of the 70s complete with harmonies. I danced and eventually performed in musicals in my high school, which continued into college where I studied Elementary Education and Specific Learning Disabilities. Performing and teaching brought me a lot of joy. I went on to teach for 8 years before my first son was born.

It was a hard transition to go from working full-time to being a full-time stay-at-home mom. I missed the social interaction. I finally found a friend group of new moms and it was wonderful. We talked about sleepless nights and feeding our babies. We started having playdates and joining activities. The Music Class was one of the things we all enjoyed. We would meet for class and then have lunch after. I loved those days and started singing the songs all the time. I appreciated what my son was learning as I watched him interact with his teacher and other little ones. I saw the value of The Music Class and believed in the program. 

Fast forward a few years and two more baby boys. It was a busy time and I found myself longing for something I could be passionate about in addition to being a mom. I remembered what my friend Bretta told me about being a Music Class teacher. I saw an email that they were hiring. I talked with my husband and decided to apply for the job. I wasn’t sure how it would work with three boys 5 and younger, but I applied.

Soon I heard from Rob Sayer the founder and director of the company. He wanted to meet with me for an interview. I was so nervous. I had no formal music training. Was I qualified for the job? Would I have to sing in front of him? I sat down across from him and it went so well! I told him about my education, experience, love of children, and passion for music. I had just watched “The Sound of Music” with my family so when he asked me to sing the scale, I was able to forward and even backward with ease. Soon after our interview, I got the job. 

With the three boys, I could only teach on Saturday mornings, so my husband took the boys on Saturdays and toured most parks and doughnut shops in our area. I put on my Music Class t-shirt and went to work.

I will never forget those early classes. It was amazing! The families in my classes became my family. I loved educating again. I loved the hugs and the joy. I loved seeing the growth in each child that I helped to foster. I was tired after class, but also excited to see my boys after having had time away. As my boys started preschool, I added more teaching days and classes. I also created relationships with families that have lasted for years. I have taught multiple siblings, grandchildren, and even virtual classes with families that had to move from my area.

What has being a teacher for The Music Class done for me? I tell people what a gift this job has been. In addition to the relationships I have made, I gained a sense of self that I felt I had lost. I gained a passion for a career I believe in. I added a layer to my life that allows me to be both a great mom and be great at something else important to me.

-Mary Locker (AKA Ms. Mary)

Ms. Mary at a TMC Birthday Party
Ms. Mary throwing a TMC Birthday Party*


Ms. Mary with Max Janton
Ms. Mary with Maximus Janton**


Ms. Mary and the Wallaces
Ms. Mary with the Wallaces***


Ms. Mary and the Dolphin Collection
Ms. Mary teaching The Dolphin Collection many years ago!


Ms. Mary teaches during the school year in our Suwanee and Johns Creek - Nesbit Ferry locations. 

If you are interested in being a TMC teacher, we want to hear from you! Please email if you are in Atlanta, or contact your local TMC center. If your city does not have Music Class, email about starting your own center!

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