Special Needs Scholarship Program

The Music Class offers scholarships for children with disabilities. Children with physical, mental, cognitive, learning, or sensory disabilities are all encouraged to apply. Please feel free to contact us for more information, or schedule a free observation to see if The Music Class is a good match for your child!

Scholarships are available for our mixed-age program for infants through 4-year-olds, and our Big Kids program for 4 to 6-year-olds. A letter from a service coordinator, physician, or therapist is required to apply. Please email your letter and family information to!

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Special Thanks to the Maximus Janton Foundation

On November 16, 2018, the Maximus Janton Foundation first provided The Music Class with additional resources to fund tuition scholarships to families with special needs.

Maximus Janton Foundation

The Maximus Janton Foundation was created in memory of TMC student, Max Janton. Max was born with Costello syndrome, an incredibly rare condition that comes with a variety of health issues, and physical/cognitive delays. Max and his family spent most of their days at doctor or therapy appointments but reserved Fridays for The Music Class. In October of 2017, Max had to have heart surgery. While the surgery seemed to be successful, he passed days later from a catastrophic stroke. In the wake of their loss, the Janton’s have started a non-profit in Max’s name, The Maximus Janton Foundation, to help serve the special needs community in a variety of ways, and The Music Class is one of the first beneficiaries they selected. 

The Maximus Janton Foundation has continued to support The Music Class and provided TMC with another significant donation to our scholarship fund at our 2019 Holiday Ball! We are so grateful and honored for their generosity. 

Max Janton 2019 Holiday Ball

For more information about scholarships, please call 770-645-5578.
"Our daughter loves it. She is six now and we started in the class when she was less than a year old. We truly believe that Rob and music played a big part in her verbal skills being so good and her love for people and rhythm. Our daughter has Down's Syndrome. We highly recommend starting all children in the class early. " - P.T., Atlanta, GA
“My child does not walk, does not talk, and is intellectually disabled. He attended The Music Class for 6 years, from age 4 months to age 6 years 4 months... My memory of The Music Class was that everyone - teachers, parents, and all the other children - was extremely kind. Throughout my child's life, he has loved music. While he doesn't talk, when he hears a familiar tune he screeches with delight. In public school, music has been used as part of his communication lessons. Every now and then, I sing to him a song I can remember from The Music Class. He smiles with joy because he knows those songs are familiar to him. It's as if he is saying ‘I'm so happy.’” - Results from an alumni survey of families who attended The Music Class in Atlanta 10 or more years ago.


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