Absences and Make-ups

Absences and Make-ups

Absences and Makeups

Make-Up Classes

Two make-up classes are permitted for students enrolled in a full-length session during the Fall, Winter, and Spring. Three makeups are permitted in our Summer Sessions to allow for more flexibility when families are often traveling. One make-up is permitted for students in a 4-week segment. (Extra make-ups are always allowed for medical reasons.)

Families registered for in-person classes may schedule makeups online in other in-person classes. Adults must follow all vaccination and mask policies for the makeup class they are attending.

Consistency and predictability are very important to young children. We encourage you to attend your scheduled class! Make-ups may not be carried over into the next session unless the absence was due to health reasons and the child is registered for the following session.

Class Absences

When you schedule an absence we open your spot for someone who would like to schedule a make-up. Please be considerate and use the instructions below to schedule each absence, even if it is at the last minute.

How To Schedule Absences and Make-Ups

Absences and makeups can be scheduled on this website, on The Music Class app, by email, or by phone at 770-645-5578. 

  • To serve you better, phone and email make-ups should be requested at least two business days before the class you would like to attend.
  • Website and app make-ups can be scheduled at the last minute, providing there is space available.
  • The website will only allow you to self-schedule two make-ups. If you need additional make-ups because of medical reasons, please get a note from your doctor and call in the request.

When you schedule a make-up you will receive a passcode. Be sure to bring it to class. To control overcrowding, we will not allow you in without your correct passcode. 

Please do not assume that you will be able to schedule a make-up during the last two weeks of the session!
Because so many people wait until the end of the session to schedule their make-ups it isn’t possible to accommodate everyone. Please do your best to schedule your make-ups earlier in the session. You’re welcome to schedule a make-up before your scheduled absence.

Older Siblings and Guests

Guests apply to children, not adults.
We do our best to allow older siblings to come to class on days when their school is not in session. We consider siblings who will participate in class "guests".  To schedule a guest visit, first log in to our website. Then click on the "Bring a Guest"  button in purple on the right, and then complete the form. The fee is $10 per guest and the system will allow up to two guest registrations per session.


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