Interest List Classes

Interest List Classes

When families let us know that they would like to attend Music Class at a time or date that we currently don't offer class, then we create an Interest List Class! Interest list classes are usually posted after the session starts, and will turn into a "real class" if enough families register to meet our minimum class size requirement. 

Quick FAQs:

  • There is no fee to sign up for an interest list class. No credit card information is required.
  • If the minimum class size is met, then we will contact all families registered for the interest list class and inform them that we are converting it into a real class! Yay! At that time we will collect payment and set the class dates for the remainder of the session.
  • The minimum class sizes for The Music Class, TMC Big Kids, and TMC Infants are 6 children. The minimum class size for TMC Keyboard is 5 children.
  • You can join an interest list class and also register for another class that is already meeting. If the interest list class has enough students to convert to a real class, we will be happy to move you into that class. We will call you to review options if that happens.
  • You can sign up for as many interest list classes as you would like.

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