Supplement your TMC At Home learning with our

Free Events!

These events are a great opportunity for families who are new to our online programs to try it out for themselves! They also provide families who are already enrolled with additional fun and educational opportunities. We've had musicians from all over the world join the events to showcase their instruments! Of course there is always singing, dancing, and favorite Music Class songs as well. At Home events are free and open to any family who wants to join. 

Our events are held via Zoom and are live-streamed on our Facebook page in order to spread the joy of music with families near and far! Past events can be viewed for several days on our FB page as well!

Next Event!

Thursday, December 3 at 4:00 PM EST with Brazilian musician Pepe Barcellos

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We hope you'll join us for our next At Home Event!

Many of our guest artists are also awesome teachers and offer private lessons online! You'll find a list of instruments, names, and links to contact each musician in the "Past Events" list below.

Past Events

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March 16 with Raina Sayer

March 19 with Irish fiddler Moira Nelligan

March 23 with jazz banjo player Cynthia Sayer

March 26 with percussionist John Gronert

March 30 with trumpet player Matt Brown

April 2 with saxophone player Vinnie Dagostino

April 6 with TMC Yoga teacher Emily Prentice 

April 9 with harp player Susan Taylor

April 17 with trombone player Jim Woolbright

April 20 with clarinet player Vinnie Dagostino

April 24 with violin player Dr. Emily Wetzel

April 28 with Rob Sayer on conch shell, Kudu horn, Gemsbock horn, and Tibetan Trumpet

April 30 with accordion player Paula Sayer

May 7 with ukulele player Charissa Hoffman

May 14 with flute players Vinnie and Barbara Dagostino 

May 21 with TMC Yoga teacher Emily Prentice 

May 28 with fiddler Moira Nelligan

June 1 with cello player Noa Rudisch

June 11 with balalaika player Irene McCullough

June 18 with guitar player Berné Poliakoff

June 25 with oboe player Dr. Oscar Petty

July 9 with Jessica Kiang announcing TMC Lullaby and Storytime

July 16 with violin and viola player Dr. Emily Wetzel

July 23 featuring the double bass 

July 30 with scat singing by Janelle Lannan

August 6 featuring TMC's Sound Habits keyboard program.

August 13 with TMC Yoga teacher Emily Prentice 

August 27 with harp player Sue Taylor

September 3 with ukulele player Bowen Hoadley

September 10 with jazz banjo player Cynthia Sayer

September 17 with shofar player Rob Sayer

September 24 with saxophone player Vinnie Dagostino

October 1 with violin player Chris Horner

October 15 featuring the guzheng

November 12 with opera singer Jeanette Luna